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Music Hall of Williamsburg – Events

Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn venue rebuilt to look exactly like a Manhattan venue – 2007

When Bowery Presents shut down semi-beloved B-burg haunt Northsix earlier this year and announced plans to revamp and reopen it as the grandly retitled Music Hall of Williamsburg, we expected a stylish-ass upgrade—the Times announced that the result would have “balconies and a big-city gloss.” What we didn’t expect maybe is that it would look exactly like the Bowery Ballroom. Shit is creepy. The layouts are now nearly identical: From the street you had downstairs to a lovely and spacious bar area; once thoroughly soused, you head up another staircase to the boxy stage area itself, with a balcony overhead. No complaints here: The Ballroom’s a fine place, and the MHoW is indeed fresh and clean. (Furthermore, any club hosting a two-day Snapcase reunion is totally OK with us.) But it’s a very odd homage all the same: Some incredibly drunk patron is going to get profoundly confused one of these days. At least they saved some money on blueprints.

Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Categories: Music
Upcoming events:

Redd Kross+The Men+Labor Pool
9:00 p.m. July 6
Off and on since 1980, Redd Kross have spanned the divides between power pop, punk, and even hardcore, bashing out art-brut rockers and reaping praise from artists as diverse as Sonic Youth and Black Flag. Now, the lineup that played on their critically acclaimed Neurotica has reunited and is releasing the all-new Researching the Blues in August. Openers the Men take a similar ramshackle aesthetic to their garage rock as the headliners, as they bash their cymbals and bleed out guitar solos in a way that made their latest, Open Your Heart, an early 2012 buzz record. — By Kory Grow
Price: $22-$25

Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls
12:00 p.m. July 7
Price: $6-$10
[no description.no photo.]

Light Asylum+Trust
9:00 p.m. July 8
Price: $13-$15
[no description. no photo]

Dirty Projectors
9:00 p.m. July 9
The night before Swing Lo Magellan drops, thee intrepid Brooklynites stream this show live via the Bowery Presents YouTube channel. If the Projectors’ latest projections are harbingers of the hipster summer to come, all signs point to simmering dog days and impregnable questions that can only be answered through inscrutable broken rhyme. “Unto Caesar” is a feral Brooklyn anthem that eschews pop conventions for an alternative song of the summer that embraces generation-wide doubt and boldly flies in the face of “Call Me Maybe.” With Dustin Wong. — By Aiden Levy
Price: $30

9:00 p.m. July 14
[no description. no photo.]
Price: $20

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Gender in the Music Industry: Rock, Discourse and Girl Power

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Marion Leonard
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2007 – 239 pages
Leonard addresses core issues relating to gender, rock and the music industry through a case study of ‘female-centred’ bands from the UK and US performing so called ‘indie rock’ from the 1990s to the present day. Using original interview material with both amateur and internationally renowned musicians, the book further addresses the fact that the voices of musicians have often been absent from music industry studies. Leonard’s central aim is to progress from feminist scholarship that has documented and explored the experience of female musicians, to presenting an analytic discussion of gender and the music industry. In this way, the book engages directly with a number of under-researched areas: the impact of gender on the everyday life of performing musicians; gendered attitudes in music journalism, promotion and production; the responses and strategies developed by female performers; the feminist network riot grrrl and the succession of international festivals it inspired under the name of Ladyfest.