After The Gold Rush: Patti Smith and Thom Yorke – By Rolling Stone

After the Gold Rush is an original song by Neil Young (1970) included in the Patti Smith album “Banga”, it was released in June 2012. Hurry up, listen. This file will be destroyed at anytime.// After the Gold Rush es una canción original de Neil Young (1970) incluida en el disco de Patti Smith “Banga”, él que fue lanzado en Junio de 2012. Apúrate, escucha. Este archivo se destruirá en cualquier momento.

Patti Smith, ‘After the Gold Rush’
Smith’s latest album, ‘Banga,’ closes with a tender cover of Neil Young’s 1971 classic. “I love covering Neil’s songs because I can sing them in the same key,” she says.

Thom Yorke, ‘After the Gold Rush’
Radiohead’s frontman is another famous fan of the environmentally themed song. He’s covered it several times, including at the 2002 edition of Young’s Bridge School Benefit, heard here.

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