The Magical Erik Truffaz Quartet

These guys are rockin’ it for me at the moment. The bass player is called Marcello Giuliani, he’s playing with a pick and flatwounds… sounds totally killing.

But… the best bit… check out the rhodes solo… I think it’s one of the coolest solos I’ve ever heard! Fender rhodes – distortion and a wah wah pedal… BOOM!

Erik Truffaz (trumpet); Marcello Guiliani (bass); Marc Erbetta (drums); Benoît Corboz (Fender Rhodes/Hammond)


Erik Truffaz Quartet –


‘In Between’ Album
One of my favorite albums by Erik Truffaz Quartet
Listen to the songs HERE


ERIK TRUFFAZ QUARTET “The Truffaz Quartet Paris Tour”
My Funny Valentine

MARC ERBETTA – drums, vocals
PATRICK MULLER – grand piano, Fender Rhodes
ERIK TRUFFAZ – trumpet

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