Brooklyn’s Hospitality Band: ‘Eighth Avenue’ Video Premiere

The Brooklyn indiepop outfit (and 4Knots Music Festival alums) Hospitality have been at the forefront of the city’s indiepop resurgence since their formation at the end of the naughts. The video for “Eighth Avenue,” from their self-titled debut on Merge, pairs well with lead singer Amber Papini’s plaintive coo and the song’s insistent thrum; the clip tells the tale of a racecar driver (played by Victor Magro) whose hot rod gets particularly juiced when his female sidekick’s (Courtney O’Reilly) emotional cup runneth over. Check it out below.

Hospitality play at Bowery Ballroom on November 2. And check out their Steely Dan cover over at The AV Club.

Directed by Gregory Mitnick & Nat Livingston Johnson of Peking.
The film stars Victor Magro and Courtney O’Reilly.

Official video for “Eighth Avenue,” from Hospitality’s self-titled debut record–out now on Merge Records.

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