Avalve Rec Artists – Danish Indie Rock Projects

Avalve records was founded in 2011 as an indie platform for the musical ventures of Caspar Nørgaard and Kenneth Paulsen Grøndahl. Avalve “is a 100% “hands on” full circle concept covering the whole recording process to the final result and its following public relations.” They are artists collaborating with artists before being a record company. “In rare cases, just to break our own rules, we serve as promoters, distributors, producers or musicians for external projects.” Artists with Avalve are SHADOWBOXER(dk), MYKNESS(dk), MOOSE AND HIPPO(dk), CASPAR NØRGAARD(dk), and AYDAR(dk). Sounds like: Mykness, Jeff Buckley, Woody Guthrie, Motörhead.

Check some of their videos below. There’s lots of creativity and quality in their work.

Caspar Nørgaard / Some Love CPH Garbage


Caspar Nørgaard / To Friends Pierced By Their Boss´s Vacuum Cleaner

Aydar / Deluxac

Shadowboxer / Valentines

Shadowboxer / Copies

Shadowboxer / Uptight

Mykness / Fight don´t run out

Mykness / VP

Mykness / Mickey Mouse for president

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