An Evening With Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler… always touched my heart in his concerts, among the best shows I’ve ever seen. He really is the only ”SULTAN OF SWING” with his amazing and unique style playing the guitar, his music, his lyrics, his voice and his band. Enjoy!

Setlist: 0:00 Intro – Going Home (Theme from “Local Hero”) 0:52 Sailing To Philadelphia 7:18 “The thing about the guitar is…” 9:12 Sultans Of Swing 11:50 “When I started…” 13:50 Romeo And Juliet 17:33 Get Lucky 22:15 Why Worry 27:28 Money For Nothing 29:17 “Actually, ‘Money For Nothing’ was a situation…” 31:25 Monteleone 34:57 “When I was a kid…” 36:39 Song For Sonny Liston 43:08 “It was difficult after 9/11…” 44:15 If This Is Goodbye 49:18 Brothers In Arms 55:23

Mark Knopfler An evening with Mark Knopfler

A younger Sultan rocker… and his great band

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