The Loved One, INXS’ Michael Hutchence – Documentary +Tributes

Gone But Never Forgotten

Charismatic, enigmatic, Michael Hutchence was the personification of the classic rock and roll star and, seemingly, had it all. His death in 1997 robbed the world of a unique and fragile talent. ‘The Loved One’ traces Hutchence and INXS’ rise from obscure Sydney bar rooms and clubs to stadiums all over the world. Featuring interviews with many of Hutchence’s close friends and contemporaries, the film sensitively investigates the pressures and demons that spurred his success and ultimately led to his spiral into depression and eventual death. Featuring stunning footage of Michael performing on the stages of the world, ‘The Loved One’ is a poignant and ultimately uplifting tribute to both the singer and the band.

Michael Hutchence – The Loved One / Documentary [5 videos]

Fans Tributes – Gone But Never Forgotten, I
1960 – 1997

Uploaded on Nov 22, 2011
Gone But Never Forgotten, II
1960 – 1997

Everything (we did for each other)

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