PREMIERE: Rock Band The Strokes’ New Video: “All the Time”

Rock band The Strokes

Rock band The Strokes

Rockers collect the band’s greatest moments for this video, looking back on festival gigs, grainy early film and more.

The Strokes are almost ready with their fifth studio album, Comedown Machine, and with their new video for “All the Time,” the rockers look back on their career fondly by collecting their greatest moments. There are massive festival gigs, grainy early band footage and plenty of candid shots of the bandmates horsing around together. Sometimes, you have to remember how much fun you’re really having.

The Strokes burst onto the scene in 2001 with an effortlessly distinct sound: Julian Casablancas’ audible distant scowl, Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr.’s clashing double-guitar attack and an air-tight rhythm section. The band’s first two albums, 2001’s Is This It and 2003’s Room on Fire, wrapped the youthful decadence and dive-bar realism of lower Manhattan life into contagious hooks recalling the Velvet Underground. The combination was monumental enough to open doors for a generation of rock & roll bands – including Kings of Leon, the Black Keys and many more.

“Why does everything that has to be big and popular suck?” Julian Casablancas asked Rolling Stone in 2003. “We’re trying to change that.”

The Strokes are included in the Rolling Stone’s list of THE NEW IMMORTALS.

Pitchfork noted last month that the Strokes don’t have plans to tour behind their new album. Comedown Machine is out March 26th.

According to Pitchfork, Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture also discussed how Comedown Machine was recorded at New York’s Electric Lady Studios, with frontman and singer Julian Casablancas working in the studio with the band, unlike 2011’s Angles, which was recorded with the band members in different places. “We hashed it out all together just the good old days,” Fraiture said.

Fraiture also noted:

“It’s kind of funny that new music doesn’t feel as natural as it used to but for us, posting it when it is done feels like that is the way it should be done. When you make music you go up down, sometimes you feel strong and sometimes you feel scared. Right now, we just finished the album and I feel good about it and the atmosphere in the band. Hopefully it continues.”

[Kudos for Fraiture! Do it your way dudes and forget the music industry! Pearl Jam did it and so Japandroids!]

Watch the Strokes do “Is This It” live in 2006: