Incubus Guitarist Working on Pearl Jam Album

Eddie Vedder - Singer and frontman of Pearl Jam. Photo: Getty Images

Eddie Vedder – Singer and frontman of Pearl Jam. Photo: Getty Images

Incubus guitarist Michael Einziger has revealed that he is working on the new Pearl Jam album.

“In the studio with my girl and Eddie Vedder, recording strings for Pearl Jam’s new album.” Einziger wrote from his twitter account.

eddie-vedderPearl Jam’s fans are curious about this album, apparently it will be a little different than what they’ve done. Guitarist Mike McCready has described it as a cross between punk rock and Pink Floyd:

“I would say as a cliché answer it’s kind of a logical extension of what ‘Backspacer’ was,” says McCready, “but I think there’s a little bit more experimental stuff going on. There’s a Pink Floyd vibe to some of it, there’s a punk rock edge to other stuff.”

The band has already finished seven songs, and is working on 15 more. The album is being produced by the band’s long time collaborator Brendan O’Brien.

Meanwhile, McCready himself has been working on a side project – a “supergroup” which will also feature former Guns N’ Roses member Duff McKagan and former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin. So far, there’s no name for the “supergroup.”

The Strokes Release Free Advance Stream of ‘Comedown Machine’

The Strokes

The Strokes

Note: Our review of The Strokes’ Comedown Machine album will be posted soon.

On March 18 the American rock band The Strokes released a free advance stream of their fifth studio album, “Comedown Machine” on Pitchfork’s website. The album will not be released in the U.S. until March 26 but you can legally listen to it for free here.

music-the-strokes-comedown-machine-artworkThe album “Comedown Machine” features 11 songs including the album’s lead single “All the Time”. The band recently released an official music video for “All the Time” which you can watch here. Prior to the free album stream the band only released the official audio for their single “All the Time”, and their song “One Way Trigger”.

The album will be released via RCA Records and it is the first full length studio album The Strokes will release since “Angles” in 2011. Prior to the release of “Angles” The Strokes had not released an album since 2006. The album “Comedown Machine” was produced by Gus Oberg, who previously worked with the band on “Angles”.

Listen to The Strokes’ new album “Comedown Machine” HERE and let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

New York City rockers The Strokes released a music video for their single, “All the Time,” on Friday. The retrospective clip features candid moments from the band throughout its career.

“All the Time” is the lead single from The Strokes’ upcoming “Comedown Machine” album. In the music video, the sunny track soundtracks archival footage of the band from their 2001 “Is This It” breakthrough to the release of 2011’s “Angles” album. All the moments in between encompass The Strokes fooling around behind-the-scenes and rocking out on the music festival circuit. The video captures the lighthearted nature of the single.

Before the premiere of “All the Time” last month, The Strokes previewed their upcoming album with the experimental “One Way Trigger” track. Both songs will be on the band’s fifth studio album, “Comedown Machine,” which will hit shelves and digital retailers on March 26.