About Unruly Hearts – Curious Musical Minds

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Biarritz, Euskal Herria (Basque Country), France

Comme il est doux de savoir que la lumière brille au bout du tunnel. ~ Free Fallen Angel

Music brings out the unruly heart, the lover, the fighter, the wanderer, the creator in all of us. This music site is a compilation of song and album reviews, live reviews, interviews and videos by astounding artists whose haunting uncertainty and never-ending struggle to stay true to their hearts strikes a powerful chord with creative, impassioned, independent-minded free spirits who know they’re different. You are invited to read these documents and listen to the tracks. Their music and achievements will inspire you and warm your heart because when you’ve got the music in you, it changes you, if only for the moment.

This music site is the idea of Ainhoa, the heart and soul of Unruly Hearts, one of her many music projects.  We are a team of 4 friends, Ainhoa, Iñaki, Alana and Ewan.  All 4 of us are music performers, born into musical families. We love to perform and consider ourselves lucky to have met and worked not only with accomplished musicians but also with new bands whose members are extremely talented and creative. This month we celebrate our first anniversary with WordPress.com.  We thank WordPress and our Readers for their support and for helping propel 60 percent audience increase in 2013 so far.

Note 6: Received from WordPress Jan 9, 2014:


Note 5: Coming soon: A cover story on the life and death of the members of Eskorbuto, one of the most influential and controversial punk rock groups in the Basque Country and its delicate framework of iron between a musical movement born in the Basque Country at the beginning of the 1980s (The Basque radical rock (Euskal Herriko Rock Erradikala in Basque)) and Spain’s “war” on heroin.

Note 4: We’ve added three more sections to The History of Rock Music plus information on buying the book.

Note 3: Did you miss Passion Pit LIVE on Letterman Show? Don’t worry. You can watch it here in our site

Note 2: Now you can watch the documentary ‘The Rock Star and the Mullahs’ here in our site.

Note 1: Please watch the video below and read the article about what the Metal music community is doing to raise awareness of autism.


The song ‘Puzzle Box’ is a walk through the daily life of a family with identical mirror image twins who are both Autistic. It is a moving experience of reality that the Spitz family lives. The video is a short movie with statistical data, showing thousands of Autistic families, including the founders of http://www.autismspeaks.org (Suzanne and Bob Wright) throughout and with the Spitz’ children Brendan and Jaden.

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