Daft Punk’s Top-Secret ‘RAM’ Is Streaming Now


Daft Punk YEAH!

Daft Punk’s hotly anticipated new album Random Access Memories has leaked, Spin has revealed today, according to a Reddit user and ElectronicDanceMusic.com. The former started a thread titled “I HAVE THE ALBUM” in the section of the site devoted to the French eletrco-house duo, Spin added. The latter shared the news (and a WeTransfer link) via Facebook and Twitter. Neither the label nor the band has confirmed that this is the actual album, of course. But it so is. How do we know? Because the whole thing is streaming at iTunes right now. Click this link, “view in iTunes,” and press play.

Columbia Records kicked off the day’s Daft festivities by sharing a video portraying the duo opening up the first copy of RAM while hurtling through space in the UFO we’ve always suspected they own.

In a recent interview with Spin, Daft Punk compared the new album to Lord of the Rings.

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