Haim Drama @ Glastonbury: Haim bassist says she ‘almost died’ onstage at Glastonbury

Ester Haim in the foreground playing @ Glastonbury 2013

Este Haim in the foreground playing @ Glastonbury 2013

Haim’s bass player Este Haim says she “almost died” when playing the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury earlier today (June 28).Este Haim, who said she’s diabetic, declared after her band’s “triumphant performance”  that she had forgotten to eat before Haim’s lunchtime set. Recalling what happened on stage, she said that her arms went numb mid-song and she thought she was going to pass out.”I almost died,” Este said. “We were in the middle of a song and I’m diabetic and I didn’t eat before my set like a smart, good diabetic does, and I remember not being able to feel my arms, and I was like ‘This is not a normal feeling when I’m playing music’.”  But  even though  she “almost died” super woman Este Haim played two more songs.

She continued: “And I thought that I was gonna pass out and my eyes kind of glazed over at the end of the song and I had to go offstage because I thought that I was going to die in front of 25,000 people.” She then joked that if she had died onstage it would have made for “an amazing funeral. The most beautiful way to die!”   Hungry for publicity?  Well, Haim play again at 4.15 pm on The Park stage tomorrow (June 29).  hmmm ,,.

The three sisters  grew up in the San Fernando Valley, listening to the 1970s classic rock and Americana records of their music-loving parents. While they were still at school their parents formed a family band called Rockinhaim to play cover versions at local charity fairs, with Israeli-born father Mordechai (“Moti”) on drums and mother Donna on guitar.   Danielle and Este were members of the Valli Girls,  an all-girl group “inspired by Pat Benatar, Blondie, Gwen Stefani, The Pretenders, and Queen” from Southern California that was signed to Columbia Records / Sony Record.


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