Alex Turner reacts to Glastonbury accent comments


Arctic Monkeys frontman says, “It’s not intentional!”

Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner has reacted to the comments made about his accent during their Glastonbury headline set on Friday night (June 28).

Turner was on the end of criticism for having lost his natural Sheffield burr for a more Stateside twang. See below for a sample of tweets taken from fans reacting to the frontman’s voice.

Since when did Alex turner have an American accent?

Nobody seems to have mentioned Alex Turner’s weirdenheimer American accent at Glasto.Yet Joss Stone scuppered her career over the same thing

Only just getting round to watching Arctic Monkeys at Glastonbury, what the fuck is Alex Turner’s accent, man???

Although a bit confused by Alex Turner’s new accent… #articmonkeys #glastonbury. He’s like Sheffield’s Elvis.

Turner acknowledged that he had already heard about the comments, saying: “I’ve been pointing my hands for ages though! Maybe it’s just the quiff confusing people? Jo Whiley just said I was channeling my inner Elvis, but I dunno man. It’s not intentional!”

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