Pearl Jam Talk ‘Lightning Bolt’ + “Sirens” Official Music Video

Lightning Bolt, A Short Film by Danny Clinch – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s new record Lightning Bolt is set for release on October 15th, and now the band is offering a peek inside the record with a new short documentary directed by Danny Clinch. (He helmed the band’s 2007 concert film Imagine in Cornice, as well as the videos for Lightning Bolt tracks “Sirens” and “Mind Your Manners”).

“Sirens” is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

The short film takes a unique approach, with the band chatting about the new record with a handful of interviewees, including director Judd Apatow, Portlandia star and rocker Carrie Brownstein, champion surfer Mark Richards and former NFL safety Steve Gleason.

Intercut with tracks from Lightning Bolt, the band opens up about their new material and the continued growth of their songwriting process, with frontman Eddie Vedder drawing similarities between writing music and surfing. “The wave is actually the song and the words are kind of like the board, so it’s really how you’re moving around that,” he says. “Surfing is pretty easy once you’re on the wave, and so is songwriting, once you’re on the wave. But you can spend a lot of days out there paddling around and not getting anything.”

Pearl Jam have shared an official music video for “Sirens,” the second single off their upcoming 10th studio album, Lightning Bolt (out October 15th).

The stark clip, directed by filmmaker-photographer Danny Clinch, finds the band playing the mid-tempo power-ballad on a moody, dramatically lit stage. It’s a sharp contrast to the chaotic “Mind Your Manners” video (also directed by Clinch), which featured images of massive explosions and falling missiles. Clinch has a long history with the band, having also directed their 2007 concert film, Immagine in Cornice.

“Sirens” (Official Music Video) – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam have worked with a handful of producers over their two-decade career, but they keep coming back to Brendan O’Brien. He first worked with the band on Vs. in 1993, and since then he’s produced everything from Vitalogy to Yield to their 2009 LP Backspacer. O’Brien teamed up with Pearl Jam again for their upcoming 10th disc, Lightning Bolt, in stores on October 14th.

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