I saw a UFO and an extraterrestial but nobody believes me

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Ryan Adams is not the only person that has seen a UFO. Many people all over the world have seen them too. I saw a UFO and a dead alien during my stay in Easter island (are you still with me?).  The problem is that nobody believes people claiming they’ve seen (or have been in contact with) a UFO and/or an extraterrestial .

Many people will remember the work of Eric Von Daniken, in his book ‘Chariots of the God’s‘ and his descriptions of how the statues were made. Eventually it was discovered that Eric Von Daniken had never visited Easter island and his theories were a far stretch from the truth.  However, he may have been on to something. More and more research and information coming forth, are showing a real connection between extraterrestrials and the mysteries of South America and the Pacific islands.  More and more people with real connections to extraterrestrials are coming out with information that repeats the same theme, and it seems that UFOs and extraterrestrials abound in South America in the most famous sites where civilization seems to have started in that hemisphere.

For centuries, scientists have tried to solve the mystery of how the colossal stone statues of Easter island moved. Now there’s a new theory—and it rocks.

The multi-ton behemoths traveled up to 11 miles (18 kilometers) from the quarry where most of them were carved, without the benefit of wheels, cranes, or even large animals.

Scientists have tested many ideas in the past, figuring that the islanders must have used a combination of log rollers, ropes, and wooden sledges. Now a pair of archaeologists have come up with a new theory: Perhaps the statues, known as moai, were “engineered to move” upright in a rocking motion, using only manpower and rope.

Watch video: Easter island statues rocking forward:

Not withstanding Zechariah Sitchin and the Sumerian theory of civilization – there is no reason to discount the possibility that civilization began in more than one place on earth.

Huge stone carved figures -monoliths- that dot the coastline. They are called Moai and are carved from island rock.

The Moai are seen all over the island, and in different shapes, sizes, and stages of completion. Many Moai are left unfinished at the quarry site. No one is sure yet as to what purposes did the Moai served, but outside scholarly research together with accumulated local knowledge, shows evidence that the Moai were carved by the ancestors of the present inhabitants.

Ron Fisher in his work Easter Island Brooding Sentinels of Stone, mentions as one explanation for the statues that “two classes of people, the-so-called Long Ears and Short Ears, lived on the island. The Short Ears were enslaved by the Long Ears, who forced the Short Ears to carve the Moai. After many generations and during a rebellion, the Short Ears surprised the Long Ears killing them all, which explains the abrupt end of the statue-carving.

Some of the Moai face the sea -most face inland to watch over the villages. Many of them were buried up to their shoulders and thereby appearing as disembodied heads.

They sit on rocky lava strewn about telling a story of fallen monuments of a long lost civilization who created them. The Moai were depictions of their ancestors. The Rapa Nui were ancestor worshipers and only had one deity – Make Make.

The Moai were excavated for the first time by Thor Heyerdahl in the 1950’s and were photographed at that time.

Easter island is one of the most isolated islands in the world but 1200 years ago a double-hulled canoe filled with seafarers from a distant culture landed upon its shores. Over the centuries that followed a remarkable society developed in isolation on the island. For reasons still unknown they began carving giant statues out of volcanic rock. These monuments, known, as “moai” are some of the most incredible ancient relics ever discovered. The people of Easter island called themselves the Rapa Nui. Where did they come from and why did they disappear? Science has learned much about the enigma of Easter island and has put to rest some of the more bizarre theories, but questions and controversies remain. Explore this site to get the latest information on the island’s history and current research.

This is one of the most fascinating places I have ever come across. While being there, I had a dream about trying to find Sirius the Dog Star. That was my dream connection to the extraterrestials. In the dream I discovered an ET that had been abducted by the government, killed, and the body used for research. A few days ago I found pictures of places on earth and other planets that resembled what I had seen in my dream. I put them all together in the same order my dream revealed the different scenes and I made a clip you can see below. But I didn’t find Sirius The Dog Star. Maybe next time…