Listen: St. Vincent’s new song, “Digital Witness”


Annie Clark has always been a quirky character, so imagine what life would be like if St. Vincent were running it. We’re offered a vaguely dystopian glimpse at just such a world in her Chino Moya-directed video for “Digital Witness”, the lead single off her forthcoming self-titled LP. Apparently, St. Vincent likes everything nice and matchy-matchy, with flat tones and simple lines consuming the landscape and interiors. If the color scheme isn’t unnerving enough, Annie’s unflinching stillness and her Dr. Seuss-styled hairdo make you wonder when exactly she’s going to snap. But one thing’s for sure in this brave new world: when St. Vincent bobs her head, you best damn well bob back. So click play below, and loosen up that neck joint.

St. Vincent serves as the follow-up to Strange Mercy, which topped our Album of the Year list in 2011. Pre-orders are ongoing.

St. Vincent Tracklist:
01. Rattlesnake
02. Birth In Reverse
03. Prince Johnny
04. Huey Newton
05. Digital Witness
06. I Prefer Your Love
07. Regret
08. Bring Me Your Loves
09. Psychopath
10. Every Tear Disappears
11. Severed Crossed Fingers

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