Watch trailer: Academy Award Nominee Best Short Documentary 2014 ‘Cave Digger’ – A Must See Film

In this OSCAR® NOMINATED Documentary Short (38 mins), artist Ra Paulette digs other-worldly, sculptural caves using nothing but hand tools. But, as patrons cut off his projects due to lack of funds or artistic differences, Paulette’s frustration mounts. This penetrating portrait examines the cost of Paulette’s obsession and tracks him as he rejects commissions for his own 10-year Magnum Opus.

“Be it madness or genius, selfish or glorious, this is an extraordinary story, well told. My favorite of the [nominated] bunch.” Tom Long, Detroit News

“Cavedigger delighted me, nettled me and left me hanging.”
Andrew O’Hehir,

“Jeffrey Karoff’s expert pacing turns a quirky tale into the most memorable of the stories.”
Peter Hartlaub, SF Chronicle

“Ra Paulette is an embodiment of the urge to keep living, no matter what, captured on film. “CaveDigger,” is my personal favorite [of the nominated short docs].”
Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“The line between creative ambition and risky obsession is sharply drawn—or rather, carved out of New Mexico sandstone—in the life and work of wholly motivated artist Ra Paulette…”
Aaron Hillis, Village Voice

12673_275“[This film] will surely win your heart, if not the Oscar.”
Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post

“An absolutely gorgeous bloom. A dazzler.”
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Venice, Califorina



Watch: Kevin Drew’s video for “Good Sex”

Kevin Drew Good Sex

Broken Social Scene leader Kevin Drew has a new solo album on the way, Darlings, due out March 18th through Arts & Crafts Records. The first single is titled “Good Sex” and today, it receives a slightly NSFW video, directed by Samir Rehem.

The song and much of the album are rooted in themes of sexuality, but as Drew explained to Stereogum, he’s more interested in exploring emotional intimacy than the X-Rated stuff.

“There are a lot of guys making millions of dollars talking about masturbating and it’s apparently provocative and it should be nominated for awards or something. It’s the reaction of, “Oh my God, someone is finally saying it!” But it’s the emotional side of sex that intrigues me the most. Without getting too personal, I see it, I feel it. I worry about the younger generation. When we were young, there were VHS tapes and you could find them in certain spots when you went to babysit at your friend’s parent’s house. You get on the phone, and you would say, “This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to go into your dad’s closet. You’re going to move the sweaters. You see the shoebox? Look for anything that says Ginger Lynn or John Holmes.” And that’s how it went around. It was the seventies style of what sex could be like. As we progressed, especially during the Clinton era, suddenly it became something else. Intimacy is the money shot. It’s wrong, you know it’s wrong, but these kids, they don’t know.”

As for the video, Drew put out a casting call for a “visual documentary composed of artful photography featuring diverse couples of various ages (25+) and orientations engaged in passionate and intimate sexual moments.” As he explained, the concept was truly realized thanks to Rehem and Drew’s longtime bandmate, Leslie Feist.

“The video happened because I looked right in front of me and there was this gentleman standing there, who happens to be a neighbor of mine named Samir Rehem. He had never really done a music video, maybe once years ago. He worked in and out of television and he was kind of wishing he was doing something right now. Lovely man. So I played him the song. Originally I wanted to go in and burn down a porn shop, just go in and smash it up with a chainsaw and a baseball bat, just destroying lust. That was my idea. And Samir looked to me and said, this is a love song, you should do something beautiful with this. And so I just looked right at him and said, “Why don’t you make something beautiful with this? I’ll make it with you.” Later I was talking to Leslie Feist — who, you know, is a dear friend and someone that I’ve known for many years and who appears on the record — we were talking and she said, “You know, I don’t think good sex should be represented by just one couple, you should have lots of different couples.” And that’s how we came up with the idea of using a variety of real people in the video.”

Directed by: Samir Rehem ( )

Produced by: LaRue Entertainment (

Producers: Kevin Drew, Andrew Ferguson, Matt King, Samir Rehem

Directors of Photography: Tico Poulakakis & Brendan Steacy

Gear & Resources Generously Provided by:
PS ( ), SIM Digital (, Midnight Hour Productions ( ), Christie Lites ( ), Lyte Inc. ( ), Soups Video ( ), Dazmo Digital ( ), The Academy of Lions Athletics ( ), Glasshouse, Kinobox

Filmed at Neon Parrot Studio ( )

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The Art and Music of Mother Nature: Starlings’ Dazzling Airshow Photos by Matthew Taylor/REX

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The Art and Music of Nature

Although starlings can look beautiful the noise they make can be a nuisance to some people. Their high-pitched chirping and whistling combined with the sound of thousands of the birds’ wings moving as one can mean the murmuration can be heard hundreds of metres away.

At this time of the year, starlings migrate from colder to milder climate in groups of thousands birds. But do you know that they could create amazing airshows in the sky?

Please take a look at these amazing photos by Matthew Taylor.