Beach House’s “Saturn Song” – Made with actual recordings from space

Beach House

Beach House

A space-themed compilation album might sound a little nerdy at first glance, but boy does it suit Beach House’s ethereal dream-pop to a T. The Baltimore duo have revealed “Saturn Song”, their contribution to Lefse Records’ The Space Project, a forthcoming LP which was partially recorded using sounds literally culled from outer space.

The collection, which also features The Antlers and Spiritualized, makes use of “electromagnetic radiation fluctuations in the magnetosphere of the planets, moons, and large asteroids the Voyager probes traveled near,” according to a press release. All scientific jargon aside, “Saturn Song” marks Beach House’s first new track since 2012′s lovely Bloom and is as deliciously woozy as Beach House numbers come. Tune in via NPR.

The Space Project officially arrives on Record Store Day 2014 (April 19th) via Lefse Records. For more, check out Youth Lagoon’s “Worms” and Spiritualized’s “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)”.

The Space Project Tracklist:

A. Porcelain Raft – “Giove”
B. The Antlers – “Jupiter”

A. Mutual Benefit – “Terraform”
B. Anna Meredith – “Miranda”

A. The Spiritualized Mississippi Space Program – “Always Forgetting With You (The Bridge Song)”
B. The Holydrug Couple – “Amphitrites Lost”

A. Youth Lagoon – “Worms”
B. Blues Control – “Blues Danube”

A. Beach House – “Saturn Song”
B. Zomes: ”Moonlet”

A. Absolutely Free – “EARTH I”
B. Jesu – “Song of Earth”

A. Benoit & Sergio – “Long Neglected Words”
B. Larry Gus – “Sphere of Io (For Georg Cantor)”

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