Listen: Fucked Up’s new 18-minute single “Year of the Dragon”

Fucked Up - Year of the Dragon

Fucked Up – Year of the Dragon

Fucked Up is a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.The band won the 2009 Polaris Music Prize for the album The Chemistry of Common Life.

Members: Mr. Damian, Sandy Miranda, Mike Haliechuk, Ben Cook, Josh Zucker, Jonah Falco

Even as Fucked Up have shifted gears toward their upcoming fourth album, Glass Boys, the Toronto punks still have other releases in the work. As noted, they’ll continue their long-running Zodiac singles series this spring with “Year of the Dragon”. Already they’ve shared one of its two accompanying B-sides, a cover of Cardboard Brains’ “I Wanna Be A Yank”, and today they unveil the 18-minute juggernaut itself.

Though live versions have been floating around the web for several months, not even the finest audio or footage could adequately capture this beast. The length of your average sitcom, the track is a veritable aural journey, snaking its way from blistering hardcore to fuzzy psychedelic rock to sweltering arena rock before ending on a chaotic and disharmonious high-point. Even if you’re used to more bite-sized nuggets of hardcore, the intensity and ferocity alone should be enough to sustain you for the duration.

Clear your morning calendar and listen in below (via Noisey):

“Year of the Dragon” will be available beginning April 22nd via Tankcrimes. The 12-inch is pressed on white vinyl and includes a bonus 7-inch flexi disc featuring a six-minute edit of “Year of the Dragon”. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Glass Boys is due out June 3rd via Matador Records. If you haven’t already, check out lead single “Paper the House”.

Year of the Dragon Tracklist:
01. Year of the Dragon
02. I Wanna Be a Yank (Cardboard Brains cover)
03. Disorder (The Ugly cover)

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