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Published on May 23, 2014

http://KEXP.ORG presents Lykke Li performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded May 22, 2014.

http://KEXP.ORG presents Lykke Li performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded May 22, 2014.

I Never Learn
No Rest For The Wicked
Never Gonna Love Again

Host: Cheryl Waters
Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Jenna Pool & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Scott Holpainen

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Echo & The Bunnymen’s ‘Bright And Beautiful’ Pete De Freitas Remembered

Echo Bunnymen

Echo & The Bunnymen

This month the music industry remembers the inspirational life and untimely death of Echo and the Bunnymen’s Pete De Freitas, remembering the fallen drummer’s extraordinary arc through the testimonies of his bandmates, family, and friends. We learn that on the day of De Freitas’s fatal motorcycle crash in June 1989, the surviving members of the fractured Liverpool group made a pilgrimage to the flat that De Freitas had shared with guitarist Will Sergeant and bassist Les Pattinson. “No one was invited, no one was asked,” Pattinson said. “We just went and sat in Pete’s room. We were in shock, but we ended up laughing. Not at the situation, but at how Pete was. All these memories… and virtually all of them funny.” A cultured kid raised in a picturesque Goring-on-Thames in Oxfordshire (his parents had relocated from the Caribbean), De Freitas’ natural musicianship and affable charm made him an invaluable foil to his notoriously quarrelsome bandmates. bunnymen-opener-mojo But drug escapades, insecurity, and manic delusions were to take their toll on the man manager Bill Drummond says was once “the sanest and most balanced of the Bunnymen.” The madness peaked in 1986 when he relocated his freewheeling solo project, The Sex Gods, to New Orleans, where his behaviour became even more unpredictable. “Pete basically was having a breakdown,” says his brother, Geoff. Shortly after returning to the Bunnymen in 1987, De Freitas married, and his daughter Lucie Marie was born the following year. But whatever personal strides he was beginning to make, they would be cut short by the motorcycle accident that ended his life at age 27. The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch says, “I remember the day he died, playing Marquee Moon and crying over the line ‘I fell sideways laughing with a friend from many stages…’ because that’s exactly what he was.”

Weapons, Prostitutes and Drugs –These are Things Petro Poroshenko is Associated With

By Gregory Kolyada
Strategic Culture Foundation

Ukraine new president Petro Poroshenko and St. Julia.

Ukraine new president Petro Poroshenko and St. Yulia.

No matter how few people may take part in the Ukraine’s presidential election on Sunday, the outcome is known in advance – Petro Poroshenko, the US favorite rote son, will be declared the winner of the race. The result will further split the country. Many regions refuse to recognize as President this chocolate king who is notorious for pocketing government money. Poroshenko has no chance to stop the bloody conflict even scrupulously carrying out all the orders given by Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt. Besides, the mission of putting an end to bloodshed has never been set by his US bosses…

Billionaire Poroshenko started his business by laundering the money of Soviet times’ administrators. He has never been an entrepreneur to start a business of his own. The story is invented. He made a head start thanks to the criminal connections of his father sentenced for large-scale theft in 1986. Having served the sentence, Poroshenko Sr. launched his own business making his son involved in the activities. The business was dirty, it all started with plundering state property by armed gangs. The Poroshenko family had plans to expand the activities beyond Ukraine. Tatyana Mikoyan, a well-known Kiev-based lawyer, remembers what the family did in Transnistria, «It was horrible back in the 1990s: illegal arms, prostitutes, drugs – all bringing profits to father and son». Poroshenko Sr. was awarded for his merits – in 2009 he received the Hero of Ukraine decoration bought for him by his son who paid to then President Yushenko, the Godfather to Petro Poroshenko’s children. The would-be President-elect is well known for misappropriating budget funds. He has the reputation of someone who knows how to make money out of thin air. Many times he has been accused of being involved in large scale corruption schemes, open lobbying, embezzlement of budget allocations, tax evasion, illegal operations to acquire shares and physically threatening political opponents and competitors. Certainly he is not just another swindler but a tycoon, an owner of huge and diversified business empire.

Forbes lists Petro Poroshenko as the 130th richest Jew in the world with 1, 6 billion dollars. The would-be President of Ukraine Poroshenko was born Waltzman. Poroshenko is his mother’s name, she was also a Jew. In the past Poroshenko was a sponsor of Our Ukraine and Victor Yushchenko. His business empire also includes the 5th TV channel known for vehement anti-Russian propaganda. Until recently his Roshen confectionary manufacturing group had earned hundreds of millions in US dollars making business in Russia. As of 2012, Roshen accounted for 3, 2% of Russian market (the 6th largest producer). He always used the money earned for anti-Russian projects.

The presidential hopeful and tomorrow’s President-elect makes the return of Crimea to Ukraine and defending the country from «outside intervention» his foreign policy priorities. It’s hard to find anything stated in concrete terms in his program. There is nothing definite there. Instead it is full of empty calls for making a «free European state», «revive military might» etc. Many find his speeches repugnant, especially when Poroshenko starts telling stories about «patriotism», «national unity» and «protection of human rights».

Petro Poroshenko is a political chameleon. This tycoon was very cynical as he went into politics. He did it for personal enrichment. He is full of ambitions and outright lust for power but lacks a professional team to work effectively or impress public. He is rather led by greed than ideas.

Now Poroshenko exercises control over local authorities in the Vinnytsia, Volyn, Chernovitsy and Zaporozhye regions dreaming of spreading his power to the whole Ukraine. His propensity to get involved in monkey business can hardly be restrained. Poroshenko is one of the most odious figures in Ukrainian politics and heads the list of the country’s corrupted persons. Having suffered so many failures, he is going to become the country’s next President with Washington’s blessing.


Polish Death Squads Fighting in Ukraine. CIA Covert Operation?

0_880e9_1577083d_LThe place where the Ukrainian army is concentrated, supported by the Right Sector, the private punitive battalions of fascist oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and mercenaries from American and Polish PMCs, points directly to one of the main reasons for the punitive operation: that the Kiev regime is serving the business interests of the commanding elite of the U.S. and Poland. It is around Slavyansk and Kramatorsk that the most violent clashes between the punitive forces and the people of the Donets Basin have taken place, while Izyum is the main base for Ukrainian forces participating in the punitive operation.

The following speak of what methods are being used in the punitive operation:

-the attackers’ losses, which include attack and transport helicopters, armored vehicles, 122-mm howitzers, and «Grad» rocket launcher systems, a salvo from which is capable of destroying all life in an area of 14.5 hectares,

-bombardment of cities from mortars, as a result of which more civilians are killed than self-defense fighters,

-sniper activities, killing even children,

-the use of helicopters with UN symbols on them for air attacks on Kramatorsk. These helicopters were piloted by Polish mercenaries, as even their Ukrainian colleagues refused to violate international norms of using military equipment bearing United Nations symbols.

All of this can be considered an answer to the question of just what kind of cargo is being hurriedly transported to Ukraine by Polish mercenaries under the supervision of U.S. intelligence, and why the Pole Kwasniewski is on the board of directors of a company for whose activities the way is now being cleared by armed groups of Ukrainian fascists (the «national guard») and American and Polish mercenaries, killing militants and civilians. It seems that the Kiev junta and its Western masters are prepared to resort to any provocations, up to and including using chemical warfare agents on the local population, as happened recently in Syria, and earlier in Iraq, where it was the Poles who specialized in such matters.

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