Allah-Las – “501-415”

Allah-Las by Nolan Hall

Allah-Las – Photo Nolan Hall


Allah-Las is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 2008. The band consists of Matthew Correia (percussion), Spencer Dunham (bass), Miles Michaud (vocals, guitar), and Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar). When the band got together, three of them – Correia, Dunham and Siadatian – were working at Amoeba Music.

They released their first 7-inch recording in 2011, Catamaran/Long Journey, produced by Nick Waterhouse for his Pres label. In 2012, they released a second single, Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)/Sacred Sands, produced again by Nick Waterhouse but this time for their new label, Innovative Leisure. One reviewer commented that “their sound is steeped in the pop sensibilities of The Zombies and The Kinks, laced with Northern Soul, lo-fi funk and the ever-enduring influence of Arthur Lee and Love”. Allah-Las were featured in a Daytrotter session in May 2012 and their performance of Catamaran was named one of the top 200 Daytrotter songs of the year.

Since they met, working at Hollywood’s Ameoba Records in 2008, The Allah-Las have cultivated a sound not unlike an eyeful of L.A. sun, earthier than The Byrds and healthier than The Brian Jonestown Massacre. On their sophomore effort due this Fall, Worship The Sun, they further explore their characteristic blend of garage rock, electric folk and psychedelic pop. Best of all, they have a teaser track to share with readers. It’s somewhat enigmatically entitled 501-415…


The first single off the upcoming full length, Worship The Sun, “501-415″ is backed by the instrumental “No Werewolf.” Pre-order the big hole 45 (these will ship mid-July) and get a limited edition Allah-Las wooden spacer made of 100% Recycled Birchwood. Pre-order limited to 250 copies.

“You can’t lose and you can’t win, so give it all your best spin,” urges singer Miles Michaud, riding a tidy freakbeat through tingling arpeggios and brass-like fuzz blasts. There’s a sense of summer nearly over (so soon?), enhanced by the track’s bracing brevity, as it racks up a fat-free 1.43. Somewhere between the freedom of throwing caution to the wind and understanding the dire consequences of doing so, there’s 501-415.

On September 19, Allah-Las will release Worship The Sun on Innovative Leisure.

Photo: Nolan Hall

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