Watch New Midlake Video, By Hollywood Indie Fan Jason Lee

A tranquil Jog On a  tree-lined road begins Midlake’s newest promo video, a collaboration between director Eric Noren and actor Jason Lee of Almost Famous and My Name Is Earl fame.

Cut from Lee and Noren’s upcoming documentary about the group in situ in their home town of Denton, Texas, it balances the gritty and romantic, the cornmills with the quaint legobrick Courthouse-on-the-Square. It’s less of a rock promo; more a meditation on an American small town in collision with the new millennium.

It’s also doubles as a pretty nifty ad for Denton’s Portlandia-esque Paschall Bar, in which the group have a sizeable stake.

It’s also a timely reminder of Midlake’s excellent recent album, Antiphon, and the group’s remarkable emergence from the potential disaster of singer and main songwriter Tim Smith’s departure in November 2012.

The documentary – entitled Midlake:  Live in Denton, TX – will premiere in the UK at Glastonbury Festival on Thursday, June 26, 14.00 at the William’s Green venue. Midlake will be performing live at Glastonbury as part of their summer tour of Europe/UK/Australia/North America.

Check out their dates

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