Violence in Gaza and Israel Threatens Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey and Backstreet Boys Concerts

Neil Young and Crazy Horse will still appear in Tel Aviv next week...for now. (Photo : Getty Images/Darren Hauck)

Neil Young and Crazy Horse will still appear in Tel Aviv next week…for now. (Photo : Getty Images/Darren Hauck)

For the time being, no act has opted to pull out of its dates in Israel. The Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert scheduled for next week “will happen as planned” according to the promoter, and a show headlined by the Brian Jonestown Massacre will also continue.

Some performers, including Stevie Wonder, Talib Kweli and Jello Biafra have all vowed not to play Israel, more so out of solidarity than safety issues.

The first event during 2014 that inspired a wave of concert cancellations was the government coup in the Ukraine that put the fascists and Neo-nazis in the new government supported by the United States. The coup forced the Russian ethnic people of Crimea to self-determination with a 92% of the people opting to join the Russian Federation.

The current strife in Israel began when the bodies of three kidnapped Jewish bodies were found near Hebron, resulting in military strikes from the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, followed by the kidnapping of a 16 year old Palestinian boy that was burnt alive by a group of jewish terrorists. Palestinian forces responded with rockets attacks to Israel. Social unrest over the deaths of four young boys, and the horrific beating of another Palestinian-American boy age 15 by the Israeli police, has led to more violence by both sides.

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