“Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself” – How Much do They Pay you to Say That?


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obama-harper-400x266Chris Wrinn created these cartoons with an aim to have activists and the media stop heckling.

Here is a more productive approach: ask U.S. Congressional representatives and Canadian Members of Parliament one question: “How much do they pay you to say that?” every time they repeat the pro-Israeli talking points at their press conferences.

Repeated often enough it might start to sink into a few minds.

Please distribute to your friends, enemies, groups, lists, Facebook, Twitter etc., as you find appropriate.









Framing Russia, Fabricating a Pretext to Wage War: Flight MH-17 and “Operation Northwoods”



While in Gaza it is plain for all to see who are the perpetrators behind the slaughter, the case of the almost 300 victims of the MH 17 Malaysian airlines crash is giving us more questions than answers.As I write this my thoughts are with the innocent victims in Gaza as well as those who died in the event dubbed the  ‘MH-17 incident’ as well as their families.Both issues dominate the news everywhere.

While in Gaza it is plain for all to see who perpetrates the slaughter, the case of the almost 300 victims of the MH 17 incident is giving us more questions than answers.

As we look for answers we must not forget an important operation which was planned by the US Joint Chief of Staff in 1962, a plot to manufacture a casus belli (reason to go to war) with Cuba. It was called ‘Operation Northwoods’.

It sprang to my mind as the propaganda war after the the airplane tragedy in eastern Ukraine was unleashed. While at the time the Northwoods document was produced by the US military its implementation was rejected by then US President John F. Kennedy, circumstances have changed and I cannot help but ask myself if the MH-17 incident is a re-run of ‘Operation Northwoods’ with today’s technology on a bigger scale. This time not trying to frame Cuba but Russia.

The entire document can be downloaded in pdf format here



Among other things the document proposed the following (I have inserted in bold my comments to illustrate why the MH-17 incident could be a re-run):

It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft  (a BuK Anti-Aircraft missile system supplied by Russia to the ‘Separatists” in eastern Ukraine) has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner (Malaysian Airlines MH-17) en route from the United States (Amsterdam, Schipol airport) to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama, or Venezuela (Kuala Lumpur) .

It is possible to create an incident which will make it appear that Communist Cuban MIGs (Eastern Ukraine ‘Separatists’) have destroyed a USAF aircraft (Malaysian passenger aircraft) over international waters (their territory) in an unprovoked attack.

Below are page 7 and 8 of the Annex to Appendix to Enclosure A of the Secret Northwoods Document entitled “Pretexts to Justify Military Intervention”:




Can you see where I am coming from? Surely this line of thinking must be included as this incident can easily be used as just another fabricated pretext to gain public support for hostile actions. Can it be possible that the Kiev regime, or factions within it, have used this blueprint and put it into action?

Sanctions are already being implemented and hostile rethoric is abound. We can only hope that this time the public will get the truth. But given that the flight and voice recorders, handed to the Malaysian team of investigators on the crash scene, are now in the hands of British authorities, that Kiev confiscated the voice recordings of the Ukrainian air traffic controllers and is not making them available and the US Military do not release their radar and satellite raw data, chances are slim that we get the undoctored versions.

What we are left with is the insight that we cannot trust anything coming out of mainstream media and must rely on the efforts of the alternative media to get to the bottom of this tragedy.

 About the author: R. Teichmann is an activist living in West Cork/Ireland and an editor with www.news-beacon-ireland.info . He also blogs on War is a Crime. He can be contacted via editor@news-beacon-ireland.info



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Israel’s love-in with Europe’s new Nazis



Asa Winstanley
Thursday, 06 March 2014 18:33

With an acting government in power in Ukraine, Channel 4 News last night reported from Kiev on some of the latest developments. This included an interview with Right Sector leader Dmyiro Yarosh.

Right Sector is an armed fascist – some say neo-Nazi – gang that has been at the forefront of the street fighting during the recent uprising in Ukraine.

Matt Frei’s line of questioning was pretty weak, but even he could not avoid the obvious: what do you say to those, like the Russian government, who accuse you of being neo-Nazis and anti-Semites?

Yarosh replied: “No, absolutely not. In the last days, I have met the Israeli ambassador and we started a friendly relationship.”

Yarosh reportedly now sits on the current government’s security council as Deputy Secretary of National Security. His allies in Svoboda, a fascist political party, now control the defence ministry, and several other government seats – all the way up to deputy prime minister.

With such a massive share of power in the emerging “new” Ukraine, it is no surprise, therefore, that the Israelis should want to meet with an odious fascist like Yarosh.

There was also one report that an Israeli army veteran (a Ukrainian Jew who lived there for a few years) was leading one of the street gangs that overthrew the Ukrainian president. Although he defended them, this man claimed not to be part of Svoboda, but he admitted, “I take orders from their team”. One such Ukrainian veteran of the Israeli army admitted on TV last year (as reported by Palestinian writer and activist Abir Kopty, using a translation I have verified independently with a Russian speaker – Ukrainian and Russian are partly mutually intelligible) admitted to shooting Palestinian children, claiming that their mothers send them to be killed and for Arabs “it’s normal” to die like that. This racist then claimed, as a Ukrainian citizen, to still be active in the Israeli special forces.

Make no mistake: despite Yarosh’s half-hearted denials to Channel 4 News, both Right Sector and Svoboda are virulently racist, fascist movements, with a long history of anti-Semitism, stretching back to Nazi-era collaborators.

The Israeli ambassador’s apparent eagerness to meet with the Right Sector fascist gang, and with the leader of Svoboda has a precedent too.

As I’ve covered before, the current wave of European fascist movements has broken away from the historical neo-Nazi position on Israel, and has awoken to the commonalities between their odious ideology and Zionism, Israel’s founding ideology.

Neo-Nazis and other fascists tend to hate and scape-goat Jews and want them out of “their” countries (they also tend to want to get rid of Muslims, black people, queers and leftists). Zionism also want the Jews to leave their native countries: to become settlers in occupied Palestine. The apartheid state needs all the manpower it can get.

The English Defence League is notorious for waving Israeli flags on its demonstrations. British National Party leader Nick Griffin flirted with Zionism for a while, proclaiming during his infamous 2009 BBC Question Time appearance that the BNP was “the only political party which, in the clashes between Israel and Gaza, stood full square behind Israel’s right to deal with Hamas terrorists.”

There is some nuance here, however. The powerful Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is no friend of Israel, and the Hungarian fascists of Jobbik seem to use some anti-Israel rhetoric as a pretty thin veneer to mask their anti-Semitism. Nick Griffin, as part of his rivalry with the EDL, more recently seems to be recanting his Zionism, and appealing to the more marginal white supremacist fringe.

But a certain pattern is clear: from France’s National Front, to the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, and now to Ukraine’s neo-Nazis, a sort of marriage of convenience between European fascists and Zionists is in the air. And its odour is extremely smelly.

An associate editor with The Electronic Intifada, Asa Winstanley is an investigative journalist who lives in London.

Ryan Adams’ Road to Recovery


Ryan Adams


After major health scare, the alt-rocker readies his confident new album

A few years ago, after multiple canceled tours and the breakup of his band the Cardinals, Ryan Adams sought a hypnotherapist for help with Ménière’s disease, an inner ear disorder. “I said, ‘I’m not playing music anymore and I’m scared to play live and I feel jaded. All I ever do is disappoint people and I leave the stage,” he says, sitting in the lobby of New York’s Bowery Hotel in a denim jacket, before describing the condition’s effect: “All of a sudden you start seeing double and then my hand starts shaking, and then it’s like you’re in an elevator and the bottom just drops out and your bones feel 1,000 pounds.”

The therapy, along with medical marijuana, helped Adams control these attacks, and after scrapping his second stripped-down LP with producer Glyn Johns, he relocated to his newly built L.A. studio, Pax-Am. “It’s like the Millennium Falcon,” says Adams, “so many possibilities.” There, he joined bassist Tal Wilkenfeld and a drummer he found working in a music store to begin writing songs influenced by his teenage favorites the Smiths and the Velvet Underground. “I was like, “I’ll go in with a couple bros at seven o’clock and just jam. We would, like, smoke a bowl and drink some tea – and the words came free-flowing out of me,” he says. “It gives me chills just talking about it.”Adams sounds re-energized on the resulting record, a self-titled album full of swaggering, emotionally vulnerable rockers like “Trouble” and “Stay With Me,” which both feature razor-sharp riffs and big hooks in the vein of Tom Petty’s Damn the Torpedoes. On “Shadows,” a ballad pondering a fading relationship, he howls, “How long do I have here with you?”

Now that the album is just about ready go – it will be released September 9th on the Pax-Am label – Adams is gearing up to take the songs on the road for his first tour with a live band since 2009. “I’m ready for the challenge. I just did that last [acoustic] tour, and I’m so proud of that – like, I am so proud. I was getting really tired and the more tired you get, the better the chances are that you’re going to get screwed up. But, when I play music now, it’s the safest place.”

Ryan Adams – Gimme Something Good

Krist Novoselic Comments on Israel-Palestine Conflict, Defends Vedder

“It is the knuckleheads on both sides that should be criticized and not the singer from a rock band”

Krist Novoselic Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

Krist Novoselic
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.


July 21, 2014

Former Nirvana bassist and political activist Krist Novoselic has voiced his support for Eddie Vedder’s recent anti-war statements in a post on his website. Over the past week, the Pearl Jam frontman has made several comments condemning war in general. When the Israeli media interpreted the statements as referring to that country’s ongoing conflict with Palestine, Vedder posted a statement to Pearl Jam’s website saying, “War hurts. It hurts no matter which sides the bombs are falling on.” Novoselic also interpreted the comments to be about Palestine and Israel and wrote to Vedder, “I stand with you my friend!!!”

No Apologies: All 102 Nirvana Songs Ranked

“The people of Palestine and Israel deserve peace and prosperity,” the bassist wrote. “It is time to stop repeating the same old arguments, dogma and hate speech. It is the knuckleheads on both sides that should be criticized and not the singer from a rock band. In addition, both sides need to make hard decisions about finding a settlement to the catastrophe that is Israel/Palestine.”

For most of his 550-word missive on the subject, Novoselic addressed the decades-long conflict between the two countries. He praised Israel for encouraging religious freedom in its country and acknowledging that millions of Palestinians feel that Israel has displaced them. But he also pontificated on the long-term effects of war, specifically between Israel and Palestine. “[Palestinian] Hamas’ policy of not recognizing Israel is a dead end,” he wrote at one juncture. Elsewhere, he wrote, “You can give any anecdote you want about how small Israel is in comparison to the rest of the Middle East but the sentiment is still there – Palestinians feel that their land was taken away.”

“Our world is connected as never before,” the bassist wrote. “People from all corners of the planet share culture and commerce at the click of a mouse. In contrast to this great convergence of humanity, Israel is building tall concrete walls while Palestinians fire rockets over them. There’s a shared recent history between these people, and I think there could be a shared future that’s more in tune with what’s going on with our ever-connected universe.”

Novoselic compared the conflict to the way Ireland settled “the troubles” of the 1960s in Ireland, and how the “19th Century idea” of Yugoslavia ultimately fell apart. “In both these cases, a resolution of the conflict was buttressed by the promise of the stability needed for prosperity to happen,” wrote Novoselic, who was born to immigrants from Croatia, a country that was part of Yugoslavia until the early Nineties.

“Thank you Eddie Vedder for speaking up for peace in our world,” Novoselic wrote. “Eddie has gotten some criticism over comments he made about the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. That situation has been messed up for so long, it is no wonder that even mentioning it is toxic. Let’s face it, the relationship between the Palestinians and the Israelis is a disaster! I don’t know how many times I have heard the same explanations and excuses and it matters not, there is a continuing catastrophe between those two peoples.”

Most recently, Vedder spoke against war at his July 18th solo concert in Portugal, where he also played what he called “the most powerful song ever written,” John Lennon’s “Imagine.” “If you’re anti-war it doesn’t mean you are ‘pro’ one side or the other in a conflict,” he said.

ITV News witnesses aftermath of UN school attack in Gaza


Last updated Thu 24 Jul 2014: Number of deaths go up to 16, plus many others wounded.

ITV News has witnessed the aftermath of an attack on a UN school in Gaza, which has left at least 15 people dead and dozens more injured.

  • Warning: This report by ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers contains distressing images

Chick here to watch video.

The Beit Hanoun elementary school, which was being used as a shelter, had around 800 people – mostly women and children – inside when the attack took place at 2.30pm today.

UN spokesman Adnan Abu Hassna told ITV News that the Israeli military attacked the school, despite having received the exact co-ordinates of the facility.

But Israel neither admitted or denied responsibility for the attack.

Dan Rivers reported seeing dozens of children lying in “pools of blood” in a local hospital.


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