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Ryan Adams


I’m not the first person to compare Ryan Adams to Neil Young (hi, Stephen King!), and I certainly won’t be the last. It’s not that their voices or personalities are all that similar — where Adams has an eccentric silliness to him, Young is just plain eccentric — or that they even appreciate the same music — Young has a genuine love for country; Adams hates the stuff, despite having recorded an endless amount of it. But their careers are astoundingly twin-like. Both found success in roots music and recorded some of their best work with a reliable, shaggy-dog backing band, only to alienate some of their stuffier fan base with a string of genre experiments. Critics have since warmed up to Young’s forays into jazz and rockabilly, but many still wince at Adams’ stab at metal, including us.

So, let’s do this. Give our rankings of all his proper studio full-lengths a read, and then come back to it in 10 years to see what’s changed. Young has decades over Adams, enough time for the public to view his time in the ditch and beyond as the mark of an artist who follows nothing except his heart. And I think everyone will eventually view Adams the same way. In fact, maybe we’ve already started to. Just look at the grades we gave his new punk EP and moody Tom Petty phase (not included in our rankings). Regardless of how you feel (or will feel) about his career as a whole, you can’t deny that it’s been interesting, which makes his albums irresistible to rank. So, here they are: Ryan Adams’ studio albums, from worst to best.

The Strokes to star working on new material in January


Thr Strokes

Thr Strokes







Addressingthe question of when they would start on thefollow up to 2013’s ‘Comedown Machine’,Casablancas stated, “In January we might meet up and work on some ideas. Everyoneis psyched. Everything is in a really cool place.”In the interview on the BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show,Casablancas also opened up about the working relationship of the New York band, who played their first shows since 2011 this summer.”We haven’t started on anything,” he began, referring again to new material. “But it was cool and we played some shows and the vibe is finally… I don’t know if we ever had that good a working friendship foundation [in our] work relationship, but now we finally have that. We’ll always have the creative vibe.”

Earlier this year,Casablancas also spoke about his intentions for the band, saying that they were, “trying to carry on as friends, taking it easy, recording a couple of songs, and do[ing] a couple of shows.”The singer, meanwhile, is gearing up to release his second solo record ‘Tyranny’ with backing bands TheVoidz on October 13.The album will feature recently released single ‘Human Sadness’ as well as new track ‘Where No Eagles Fly’, which was unveiled this week alongside an ’80s arcade game-style video.