Political maneuverings in Ukraine, to what end? Poroshenko and Lavrov on the ceasefire

Poroshenko Red Eye Faces of Evil

Poroshenko Red Eye Faces of Evil

Signs of the Times

14 October 2014

On Sunday, October 12, RIA Novosti reported that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko made a statement on his official website saying the following:

We expect to achieve complete ceasefire in the coming days. Once this happens, the creation of a buffer zone will be launched. Both sides must pull out heavy weaponry at least 15 kilometers [9.3 miles] away into the controlled areas.

This comes at a time that has seen Ukrainian forces violate said ceasefire multiple times a day. The OSCE has reported on the shelling of multiple towns by Kiev forces, and Donetsk’s leadership has claimed Kiev violated the ceasefire a total of 17 times on Monday with shelling of residential areas killing 3 and injuring 7, with more attacks that night, bringing the total to 45 violations, at least 12 dead, with dozens more wounded. This comes after 16 civilians were reported killed on Sunday alone.

The continued violations on the part of Kiev have prompted DPR Prime Minister Zakharchenko to curb the planned “silence regime”, which would have seen Novorossiyan troops withdraw their artillery from the line of conflict if Kiev could abide by the ceasefire for 5 days.

Poroshenko, in his official statement, also mentioned that he had reached out to the OSCE to increase the number of monitors of the conflict to 1500, upon which they agreed.

Today, Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said:

Today, the window of possibility to overcome the Ukrainian crisis is open. Practical measures are being agreed upon and implemented on the basis of ceasefire agreements reached on the initiative of presidents [Petro] Poroshenko and [Vladimir] Putin. The question is whether the conflicting Ukrainian sides will manage to complete this path toward solid peace or they will be hindered by those seeking to use the tragedy of the Ukrainian people to try to show Russia its place.

So while the leadership of both sides are making public claims to fully implement the ceasefire, establish a buffer zone between fighting forces, and increase international observers, the fighting continues.

What’s going on? According to Zakharchenko, the continued violations are not necessarily the result of orders from Kiev: individual commanders (some, like Right Sector’s battalions, being extremists not likely to follow orders they don’t like) are taking it on their own initiative to continue shelling civilian areas.

Do Poroshenko and his ‘advisers’ see the futility of the continuation of their “antiterrorist operation”? Are they merely trying to appease the extremist elements on whose support they have relied for exterminating Novorossiyans (e.g., by ‘retiring’ Defense Minister Geletey and replacing him with ATO commander Poltorak?), with the goal of actually implementing the ceasefire?

Have the rumors that Russia has cut off its covert aid to the militias, but that they will restart them if and when a new offensive is launched by Kiev, sufficiently scared Kiev’s military leadership? Or is Kiev merely talking peace while planning one more genocidal push on the orders of their U.S./NATO masters?


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