German embassy employee expelled from Moscow

November 15, 2014

An employee at the German embassy in Moscow has been evicted by Russian authorities in a retaliatory move after a member of Russia’s diplomatic staff was kicked out of Bonn, Germany, a Foreign Ministry source told AFP. “An employee of the German embassy in Moscow has left the country because of a retaliatory measure by the Russian authorities,” the source said. “We regret this unjustified act and we have informed the Russian government of this.”

Putin warns western media against one-sided coverage of Ukrainian crisis

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized Western media for its one-sided coverage of the Ukraine conflict, in an interview with the German ARD channel at the G20 summit. “The most important thing is that one shouldn’t look at the problem from one side only,” Putin stressed. “Today, there’s military action underway in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian government is using the army. They even used missiles. But do you mention this? You don’t say a single word about it. It means that you want the Ukrainian government to destroy everything there, all the political enemies and opponents. Is that what you want? We do not want that. And we won’t allow that to happen.”