Scandal: Last Seconds of MH17 Flight Were Snapshot by a US or UK Spy Satellite

In-depth Report:

Malaysia-MH17Since publication of this article, we have received information to the effect that the photo is unconfirmed and was intended to create confusion. (M. Ch. GR Editor)

According to information obtained from the email of George Bilt, a former MIT alumni and aviation expert for more than 20 years, the Malaysian Boeing 777 flight #MH17 Amsterdam – Kuala-Lumpur, which tragically collapsed on July 17, 2014, was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet chasing it.

The email was sent a few days ago attention to the Russian Union of Engineers which published a preliminary Incident Report on MH17 this August.

“I fully agree with the results of your analysis of the causes of Boeing catastrophe. It was shot down by a fighter jet.”

– wrote the author who presented himself as George Bilt.

The assertion was supported by a space photo made presumably by a US or UK spy satellite at the moment of attack around 13:20 UTC on July 17, 2014.


Russian Channel 1 has released satellite images edivencing that Malaysian Boeing MH17 (top of picture) was shot down by a Ukrainian warplane (bottom left).

The picture, which clearly shows the launch from the left wing fighter exactly the cockpit, was attached to the e-mail. The landscape, weather, aircraft sizes on picture are fully consistent with the circumstances of the accident.

Ivan Andrievsky, the first Vice-President of the Russian Union of Engineers comments:

“Here is a space picture taken from a low orbit. According to the coordinates specified in the picture, we can assume that it was taken by a US or British spy satellite. We conducted a detailed analysis of the image and there was no sign of a fake here.”

On July 21 the head of Main Directorate for Operations of the HQ of Russia’s Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov stated that according to the data of objective control a Ukraine Air Force military jet SU-25 was detected moments before the downfall of Boeing.


What was the flight mission of Ukraine’s jets in MH17 crash area?


Published on Oct 31, 2014
On July, 17 four Su-25 fighter jets of the 299th squadron of Ukraine Air Force took off the ground from Kulbakino airfield near the Nikolaev city.
These upgraded jets can reach the altitude of 10 000 m or even higher.
There are five fighter jets in the 299th squadron: their tail numbers are 06, 07, 08, 38 and 40.
Ukraine’s Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk visited the 299th squadron on May, 21 2014 and inspected the airbase.
On the day of the crash Ukraine’s jets patrolled the area where flight MH17 was lost.
3 hours after the tragic event Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense stated that there were no combat aircraft or helicopters of Ukraine Air Force near MH17 plane crash site.
Russian radar stations recorded that there was at least one unidentified object near the Boeing airliner at the moment of the plane crash, i.e., military aircraft.
Data from cockpit voice recorders of military pilots and communication records of Ukraine’s air defense force are still not publicized.
Su-25 quickly approached Boeing at 600-800 m and attacked its cockpit and wings with a 30mm aircraft gun.
The attack was carried out in seconds and MH17 pilots even didn’t understand what happened.
Depressurized jet airliner began to fall to the earth and went to pieces at a height of 3000 m.
Najib Razak, PM of Malaysia, addressing the 69th UN General Assembly:
“Malaysia will continue to seek justice for those who died. We urge all parties to continue cooperating with the investigation.”

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