Breaking News: Journalist from Donetsk and his wife were murdered in the outskirts of occupied Slavyansk by Ukrainian castigators

Aleksandr Kuchinskiy, editor of Donetsk newspaper “Criminal Express”

Aleksandr Kuchinskiy, editor of Donetsk newspaper “Criminal Express”

The bodies of the editor of Donetsk newspaper and his wife were found in the country house in the locality of Bogorodichnoye.

The editor of Donetsk newspaper “Criminal Express” Aleksandr Kuchinskiy and his wife became the victims of unknown criminals. The death of the journalist was reported in social networks by his colleagues.

— I learnt that journalist from Donetsk Aleksandr Kuchinskiy and his wife were stabbed to death this evening in the “liberated” Slavyansk”. Aleksandr was the editor of “Criminal Express” and the author of many books on the subject of criminality, particularly the book “Chronicles of Donetsk delinquency”, — reported colleague of the killed journalist Sergey Golokha. One of the comments states that Kuchinskiy had a country house in Bogorodichnoye.

The General Board of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine confirmed the fact of the murder of the journalist. According to the police report, the bodies of the murdered man and woman have multiple stab wounds.

Be reminded that Slavyansk is under control of Ukrainian authorities. It was occupied by the Armed forces of Ukraine after the retreat of the People’s Militia in July of 2014.

In the course of the last year seven journalists were killed in Ukraine and 170 media workers wounded. One of the reporters died at the hands of unidentified persons in Kiev, the rest died in the hostilities zone in Donbass. Five of the journalists are the citizens of Russia, one was a Ukrainian citizen and one – a citizen of Italy.

As LifeNews reported, Ukraine was for the first time in history been recognized internationally as the most dangerous country for reporting work in 2014, and it is also in the top five most dangerous for the operation of media countries of the decade. The investigation had been carried out by the INSI (International News Safety Institute).

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