Kiev ready to exchange prisoners, but not those with ‘blood on hands’ — security service


There are about a dozen people the Ukrainian security says have “blood on their hands”. Poroshenko not only has blood in his hands – He makes a pool of blood for the children of Donbass without any remorse…

KIEV, December 19. The Ukrainian Security Service is ready to exchange captives “all for all”, but not those who have “blood on their hand”, the chief of the investigative department of the service said on Friday.“We are waiting for the Minsk meeting. After the meeting, everything will be clear. We want to exchange captives ‘all for all’,”VasilyVovk told a briefing.The security service is ready to release all members of self-defense forces, but not those with “blood on their hands”, he said, adding: “There are about ten such people, no more.”The eastern region’s militia hold 684 people captive, he said.Kiev authorities earlier  stated they were ready for the “all for all” exchange, but after the meeting in Minsk.The head of the committee of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic for refugees and captives, Daria Morozova, said on Thursday Kiev for three weeks could not explain why the exchange was postponed. She linked it with organizational chaos among Ukrainian security authorities.

Putin urges Kiev to fulfil Minsk agreements and complete prisoner exchange with Donbas

“By Christmas Eve, by the New Year they (prisoners of war) must return home,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said

© Stanislav Krasilnikov

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