What the Charlie Hebdo Execution Video Really Shows


charlie-attentat-400x266I am well aware that I’m stepping into a hornet’s nest by posting this video, which is going viral. Those who wish to silence all debate have an easy card to play here, accusing me of buying into a conspiracy theory. There’s only one problem: unlike the video-maker, I have few conclusions to draw about what the significance of this video is in relation to the official story. That is not why I am posting it.

But it does, at least to my mind and obviously a lot of other people’s, judging by how quickly it’s spreading, suggest that Ahmed Merabet, the policeman outside the Charlie Hebdo office, was not shot in the head, as all the media have been stating.

That said, it does not prove much more. It doesn’t prove that Merabet did not die at the scene. Maybe he bled to death there on the pavement from his earlier wound. It certainly doesn’t prove that the Kouachi brothers were not the gunmen or that the one who fired missed on purpose. Maybe he just missed.

Nor does the video’s removal from most websites prove that there is some sort of massive cover-up going on. Ideas of good taste, especially in the immediate aftermath of a massacre close to home (ie here in the West), can lead to a media consensus that a video is too upsetting. That can occur even if it does not show blood and gore, simply because of what it implies. Herd instinct in these instances is very strong.

But the unedited video clip does leave a sour taste: because unless someone has a good rebuttal, it does indeed seem impossible that an AK-47 bullet fired from close range would not have done something pretty dramatic to that policeman’s head. And if the video is real – and there doesn’t seem much doubt that it is – it clearly shows nothing significant happened to his head either as or after the bullet was fired.

So what points am I making?

The first one is more tentative. It seems – though I suppose there could be an explanation I have overlooked – that the authorities have lied about the cause of the policeman’s death. That could be for several probably unknowable reasons, including that his being executed was a simpler, neater story than that he bled to death on the pavement because of official incompetence (there already seems to have been plenty of that in this case).

The second point is even more troubling. Most of the senior editors of our mainstream media have watched the unedited video just as you now have. And either not one of them saw the problem raised here – that the video does not show what it is supposed to show – or some of them did see it but did not care. Either way, they simply regurgitated an official story that does not seem to fit the available evidence.

That is a cause for deep concern. Because if the media are acting as a collective mouth-piece for a dubious official narrative on this occasion, on a story of huge significance that one assumes is being carefully scrutinised for news angles, what are they doing the rest of the time?

The lesson is that we as news consumers must create our own critical distance from the “news” because we cannot trust our corporate media to do that work for us. They are far too close to power. In fact, they are power.

Official narratives are inherently suspect because power always looks out for itself. This appears to be a good example – whether what it shows is relatively harmless or sinister – to remind us of that fact.

Charlie Hebdo Shootings – Censored Video

Published on Jan 10, 2015

This is footage of the Charlie Hebdo shootings which has been restricted or taken down from a number of websites. As you will see it contains no blood, gore or graphic violence. It does however punch a major hole in the official story.

Transcript & sources: http://stormcloudsgathering.com/charl…

I’m still trying to imagine a plausible explanation for the video. I’m no ballistics expert, so I’m firmly in the land of conjecture. But I wonder whether, if the bullet hit the pavement close to Merabet’s head, it might have been possible for bullet fragments to hit him, possibly killing him.

This possibility (assuming it is one) does not invalidate the point of my post. If it was indeed the case, certainly no media outlet has suggested that the gunman missed Merabet and that he died from the exploding fragments.

This isn’t meant to raise technical, or gruesome, details of the case. It is to suggest that western journalists do not report fearlessly and independently when they examine events being narrated by official sources. They mostly regurgitate information on trust, because they trust the authorities to be telling the truth. They do the same when the acts of official enemies are being examined – they again turn to official sources on their side. In short, most journalists have no critical distance from the events they are reporting on our behalf.

That leaves us, ordinary news consumers, in a position of either blindly trusting our own officials too or trying to work things out for ourselves. You would hope that the issues raised by this video get aired by journalists as part of establishing greater trust in our profession and proof of our independence. Instead, I expect it will simply be consigned the “conspiracy theory” bin.

Motives behind the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris



Published on Jan 8, 2015

Yesterday morning, three masked gunmen stormed the headquarters of the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. The attackers forced one of the cartoonists to open the door with a security code. And then headed straight towards the paper’s editor, Stephane Charbonnier better known as Charb, who was in an editorial staff meeting. In the encounter the gunmen killed Charb, his bodyguard and many more journalists. Minutes later the attackers left the building and shot a police officer and escaped with a vehicle. Ten journalists and two police officers were killed, it was the deadliest terrorist attack on French soil in fifty years.

Representatives of ISIS quickly praised the massacre as an act of revenge for the magazine’s insults against Islam and the Prophet Muhammed. But a closer look at the long term implications reveals a more complex and a profound motive that is meant to shake Europe and radicalize European Muslims.

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The Genocide of the People of Donbas, E. Ukraine, must be stopped


 Bodies Pile Up in Donetsk Morgue as Ukraine Ceasefire Continues to Crumble







War Resumes in Ukraine. Kiev Violates OSCE Ceasefire Agreement, Re-Invades Donbass

Ukraine’s President Says All Ukrainians Who Reject His Government Should Die

The EU has finally admitted that Kiev had violated the cease fire and the Ukrainian Government was now in open and public violation of it, and in public contempt of it.  But at the same time the EU called for continued adherence to the truce’s terms,

“We are worried that the truce has been breached. We count on the truce to be respected because it is a necessary condition allowing the peace process to move forward, the OSCE and the Red Cross employees to work there,” Soren Liborius, the head of EU information department said, according to RT.

Ukrainian troops had resumed their heavy shelling of towns in the former Luhansk and Donetsk Republics, two regions which had been joined together as a new nation Novorussia.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel “Wall of Hypocrisy” regarding the crimes committed by the fascists in power. 

To add to her hypocrisy, after the “elected” president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko order the terrorist attack against the people of Donbas, East Ukraine, the horror Kiev’s war crimes, the destruction of the homes of thousands of families in Donbas who are struggling with the consequent trauma, the grief and survival with winter and the slow death by starvation declared to them by the Hitler of Ukraine.  But Chancellor Merkel did not condemned the atrocities of his friend Poroshenko. Instead she blamed Russia for all that is happening in Ukraine.

There was no stopping the Chancellor’s banal posturing,

“We can change things for the better – for the people in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and in many, many other regions of the world where liberty and human rights are threatened or being trampled.”

Glaringly omitted was Palestine, the longest trampling of human rights and freedom in modern political history by Israel and western governments. Mentioning Ukraine, Syria and Iraq was a free plug for US imperial ventures.

Merkel goose-steps in time to the U.S’s war drums and interests vis-à-vis support for sanctions against Iran, Russia, and arming Saudi Arabia.  She lacks the nationalistic  pride of former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder  who, in line with the majority of Germans, opposed the unsanctioned and unjustified US military intervention in Iraq opting instead for a peaceful solution.

Merkel penitentially made reference to November 9th‘s shared anniversary with ‘Kristallnacht,’ the 1938 Nazi pogrom against Jews and synagogues, which she condemned as a ‘day of shame and disgrace’.

In September, she publicly condemned antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment, “Anyone who hits someone wearing a skullcap is hitting us all. Anyone who damages a Jewish gravestone is disgracing our culture. Anyone who attacks a synagogue is attacking the foundations of our free society.”

But, during the past weeks and present days, no such condemnation was heard from the German government over the destruction of people in Donbas, East Ukraine, the shelling of civilians, and the slow-death by starvation of the people of Donbas by the Nazi government of Kiev. 

If Merkel genuinely felt ‘the responsibility of German history’ she would ensure Germany never again participates in state terror and therefore would not have revoked the safeguards restricting arms exports to areas of conflict and to dictatorships.

Germany supplies Israel with nuclear capable Dolphin-class submarines,  anti-armour weapons systems made by German Dynamit Nobel Defense (became a subsidiary of Israel’s RAFAEL in 2004) which also combined with Israel’s Corner Shot  to create the CSP in 3 versions: a pistol, assault rifle  and grenade/ teargas launcher that fire around corners. Germany also supports the Nazi government in Kiev, and is a key player in funding the government.

The UN estimates more than 3,000 people have been killed since violence ignited in the region in April, while up to a million have fled their homes.

The United Nations is helpless in Ukraine. They don’t have a strong leader to come forward and denounce that the mass murder of civilians in Donbas, East Ukraine is a war crime.

If Kofi Annan, former secretary-general of the UN had been in charge, he would have done it. Annan openly criticized the decision by the U.S. and Britain to attack Iraq without a UN mandate. Once the war was underway, he turned his focus to the plight of the Iraqi citizens and urged member nations to promptly respond to Iraq’s pressing humanitarian needs.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been accused of commitment to a strategy of war against Syria. The reason behind this statement was the presentation of the report of the UN Commission on the use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21. A clear tendency to lean towards pushing the Western position is typical of Ban Ki-moon, but other people are not chosen for such positions.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, acted as a prosecutor and the world judge, and was in the service of a military strategy rather than peace, France Presse quoted his words.

The UN Secretary General’s  statement accompanying the report has caused controversy. On Monday, September 16, Ban Ki-moon announced the conclusion of UN experts that on August 21 near Damascus a sarin gas attack took place. The experts did not identify the perpetrators, as this was not part of the investigation, the Secretary General said and showed the world the cover of the document depicting fragments of a Soviet missile that allegedly delivered the sarin.

Ban Ki-moon’s stance in the war of Ukraine is weak and most of the time his only sources of information are the members of Kiev’s fascist government. Never had he made an effort to send unbiased UN officials to talk to the self-defense forces in Donbas, East Ukraine. 

The UN’s “human rights” envoy that went to the Ukraine blamed the self-defense forces for the war going on and totally ignored the Kiev fascists in power. 

The genocide of the people of Donbas, East Ukraine, must be stopped. Their slow-death by starvation must be condemned by the United Nations and those countries whose leaders are constantly pounding their chests in defense of democracy when in reality they are a clan of HYPOCRITES.

The only country that can stop the genocide of ethnic Russians is RUSSIA. And if it takes to invade Ukraine to stop the mass murder, by all means let it be!




The World in Chaos: 11 airstrikes hit Islamic State targets in Syria, Iraq + More


RT news – January 13, 2015



France votes to extend airstrikes in Iraq after Paris attacks

France’s lower house of parliament voted overwhelmingly by 488 votes to 1 to extend airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq. The Tuesday vote came after France’s worst terror attacks in decades. The attacks killed 17 people, with one of the terrorists claiming allegiance to the Islamic State. France joined the US-led airstrikes against the jihadists after they took over parts of Iraq and Syria last year, but French law requires a vote on extending such operations after four months.


Turkey arrests 6 over Istanbul suicide bombing

Turkish police have detained six people, including three foreigners, over a suicide bombing that took place in the middle of Istanbul’s tourist district last week, the state-run Anatolia news agency reported. A female suicide bomber blew herself up last Tuesday in the Sultanahmet district, killing a policeman and injuring another in the attack. The nationalities of those detained have not been made clear, but the bomber was named by Turkish media as Diana Ramazova from the Russian region of Dagestan. Security is on high alert in Turkey due to fears of attacks by jihadists – who control parts of Iraq and Syria near the Turkish border – and Kurdish militants.


Hamas employees begin sit-in near Palestinian unity govt HQ

Hundreds of Hamas employees began a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Palestinian unity government in Gaza Tuesday, AFP said. “We will stay here until our members are recognized and their salaries are paid,” union spokesman Khalil al-Zayan said. Staff recruited by the former Hamas administration have not reportedly received any wages for seven months. Hamas had demanded that the new government pay the salaries of the 50,000 civil servants it recruited after its takeover of Gaza in 2007, who took the jobs of 70,000 Fatah employees.


11,000 flee NE Nigeria into Chad after Boko Haram attacks – UN

The latest wave of Boko Haram’s “ruthless attacks” in northeastern Nigeria has sent 11,320 people fleeing into Chad in a matter of days, the UN said Tuesday. Militants from the Islamist group stormed the town of Baga on January 3, and subsequently razed it and at least 16 surrounding settlements, AFP reported. Aid workers fear the attack could have been the worst massacre since Boko Haram’s insurgency began in 2009. Some 20,000 people are said to have fled their homes in the area, and some 11,320 people have arrived in neighboring Chad alone, according to the UN refugee agency.


11 airstrikes hit Islamic State targets in Syria, Iraq

Four more airstrikes have been conducted against Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) in Syria and seven airstrikes in Iraq, Reuters reported. The strikes, which began Monday, destroyed various fighting positions as well as four units of IS fighters, according to the Combined Joint Task Force. Three strikes in Syria hit near the border town of Kobani and one strike hit near Dawr az Zawr. The strikes in Iraq were targeted near Tal Afar, Sinjar, Mosul and Baghdad.


Egypt’s Mubarak to remain in detention pending judicial order – reports

Ousted President Hosni Mubarak will remain in detention until the Egyptian judiciary orders his release, AFP said, citing state media reports. On Tuesday, a court overturned a three-year prison sentence and ordered a retrial. Mubarak is currently detained in a military hospital. He will not be released without a decision by the prosecution or the court that will retry him, MENA news agency quoted a security official as saying.


Greek anti-bailout Syriza party holds 3 percent lead over conservatives – poll

Greece’s radical leftist Syriza party holds a steady lead over Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ conservatives ahead of a January 25 snap election, Reuters reported, citing a poll published Tuesday. Alexis Tsipras’ anti-austerity Syriza led by 3 percentage points over Samaras’ New Democracy party, and would garner 30.2 percent of the vote against 27.2 percent for the conservatives, according to the survey conducted by pollsters Rass January 11-12. The leftists have vowed to cancel austerity measures and renegotiate an international bailout.


143 Boko Haram militants killed after attack near Nigeria border – Cameroon

Cameroon’s government has said the military has killed 143 militants from neighboring Nigeria’s Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, AP said. Hundreds of militants attacked a military camp the day before near the border with Nigeria, Cameroon officials said Tuesday. Information Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary said the fight lasted five hours, adding that a Cameroon army corporal was killed and four other soldiers were wounded.


Russian serviceman ‘admits killing’ family of six in Gyumri, Armenia

A soldier at a Russian military base in Armenia has admitted the murder of six members of one family in the city of Gyumri, RIA Novosti reported. Chief investigator Unan Pogosyan said that Valery Permyakov had admitted his guilt in the crime. The soldier said he came to the house of the Avetisyan family “by accident,” and the motive for the killing is still unknown, Pogosyan said. Permyakov was detained while trying to approach the Armenian-Turkish border near the village of Bayandur, on the bank of the River Ahuryan, which separates Armenian and Turkish territory.


Ex-President Mubarak’s jail term for graft overturned as Egypt court orders retrial

An Egyptian court on Tuesday overturned a three-year prison sentence against former President Hosni Mubarak, 86, on corruption charges, AFP reported. A retrial was ordered in the case. In May 2014, a lower court handed down the jail term after convicting Mubarak of embezzling about $14 million earmarked for the maintenance of presidential palaces. Four-year jail sentences were also handed down to the ousted leader’s sons, Alaa and Gamal. An Egyptian judicial official said that there were no legal grounds to detain Mubarak after the court ordered a retrial, AP reported.


Kerry urges Pakistan to target all militant groups

Pakistan must fight all militant groups that threaten Afghan, Indian and US interests, Reuters quoted US Secretary of State John Kerry as saying Tuesday. Speaking in Islamabad, Kerry mentioned among the terror groups the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani network, and Lashkar-e-Taiba. Pakistan’s foreign adviser Sartaj Aziz said that “action will be taken without discrimination against all groups.” The West has suspected Pakistan of fighting some militants while supporting those regarded as strategic assets to be used against rivals and neighbors, India and Afghanistan.


Russia demands official explanation from France over non-delivery of Mistral ships

Russia has sent an official request to the French Defense Ministry, asking it to explain why a Mistral helicopter carrier was not delivered according to the contract, RIA Novosti reported. The Russian Defense Ministry’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) said it wanted an official explanation because Moscow “cannot accept oral explanations from individual French politicians.” Paris was due to deliver the first of the two Mistral-class warships to the Russian Navy by November 14, but President Francois Hollande put the deal on hold, citing the situation over Ukraine.


UN chief says India fomenting intolerance with gay sex ban

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has accused India of fomenting intolerance with its ban on gay sex. On a visit to New Delhi, Ban said he “staunchly opposed the criminalization of homosexuality,” referring to India’s colonial-era law that prohibits gay sex, AFP reported. India’s Supreme Court re-imposed a ban on gay sex in late 2013. It also ruled that the responsibility for changing the 1861 law rested with lawmakers, not judges. Ban’s comments came on the same day that a state minister from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party announced his intention to make gays become “normal” in the coastal resort state of Goa.


Policeman kills district governor, commander in Afghanistan’s Helmand

An Afghan policeman shot and killed his commanding officer and a district governor in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, Reuters said, citing officials. Sayed Murad Sadat, chief of Helmand’s Nawzad district, and police commander Shamsullah were killed during a meeting on Monday, according to police. The attack was claimed by Taliban insurgents, who said the policeman had defected to their movement.


7 convicted militants hanged as Kerry visits Pakistan

Pakistan on Tuesday hanged seven convicted militants, AFP reported. This brings to 16 the number of executions carried out since the country lifted a six-year moratorium on the death penalty in December in response to a brutal Taliban assault on a school in Peshawar that left 150 dead. The executions, carried out across the country, came as US Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Pakistan.


Pope Francis urges respect for human rights in Sri Lanka

Pope Francis urged respect for human rights in Sri Lanka as he began a two-nation Asia tour on the island Tuesday, AFP said. The visit comes days after the election of a new Sri Lankan president, and is expected to focus on the country’s unity after a 37-year conflict that pitted troops against Tamil separatist rebels. The pope’s second visit to Asia will also take in the Philippines, home to one of the most populous Catholic communities in the region.


Bodies of 4 French Jewish citizens killed in Paris attack arrive in Israel

The bodies of four French Jewish citizens killed in the assault on the kosher supermarket in Paris have arrived in Israel to be buried in Jerusalem, according to an airport official. Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen and Francois-Michel Saada were at the kosher supermarket in eastern Paris on Friday, when the place came under attack from radical Islamist gunman Amedy Coulibaly. Later, police stormed the building and killed Coulibaly, who was connected to the two armed men that carried out the attack on the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo almost a week ago.
Seventeen people were shot and killed during the three-day siege. The owner of the kosher store has expressed his intention to move to Israel, just days after the deadly attack that left 17 dead took place, his brother told Israel’s Army Radio.