Q & A Session with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

17 April 2015

With nearly 2 million questions collected since April 9, it was difficult, if not impossible, to ask President Putin a question. So here is (was) my question:

Q: Do you see yourself as a charismatic person? And what do you think are your best qualities?

It’s been said, and I agree, that you are a charismatic person. I see you as a self-confident, optimistic, consistent person that keeps the glass half-full. You know what’s happening in the world around you, and Russians want to support a president who speak with conviction and is comfortable with who he is, and is in the know,  the underlying reasons for this phenomenal degree of support for the Russian President.

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Recently, The New York Post questioned: Why do our “best and brightest” fail when faced with a man like Putin? Or with charismatic fanatics? Or Iranian negotiators? Why do they misread our enemies so consistently, from Hitler and Stalin to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliph?

The answer is straightforward: We are led through blood-smeared times by those who’ve never suffered a bloody nose.

And last but not least, bad educations in our very best schools: Our leadership has been educated in chaste political theory, while our enemies know, firsthand, the stuff of life.

Above all, there is arrogance based upon privilege. For revolving-door leaders in the U.S. and Europe, if you didn’t go to the right prep school and elite university, you couldn’t possibly be capable of comprehending, let alone changing, the world. It’s the old social “Not our kind, dahhhling…” attitude transferred to government.

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