Beautiful, sweet Roxy

Yes, it’s getting wild out there — this lovely coyote was found roaming the East Village Sunday. So what?  She doesn’t attack humans or other animals. She has good manners and gives you kisses.

Cops took down Roxy with a tranquilizer dart at about 7 a.m. in Stuyvesant Town, after spotting it stalking the streets near the Con Ed plant at the end of East 14th Street.

The cops put Roxy in a oversized dog cage and brought to Animal Care & Control.  She was examined and given a clean bill of health. And now what? AC&C will kill her? Why did you take Roxy to such dangerous place?  Why not to the ASPCA? If these poor Coyotes starving because they were kicked out of their habitat are taking to AC&C they will be put down.

I know Roxy very well. I live food for her at night in the forest. She waits for me and eats her dinner. Then I give her a kiss and a goodnight.

“Although it’s often called the concrete jungle, New York City has over 5,000 acres of forest land and is home to an abundance of wildlife,” Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver said.  So then why the coyotes are being killed?  Why they are not let stay in the parks?

What is more important, to build luxury homes for the rich or to save the lives of these wonderful animals? I keep the animals and the hell with the rich!

After my complains, Roxy is expected to be released back into an “appropriate wilderness area.”  What the hell is an “appropriate wilderness area”? 

The coyotes know where to live and forage for food. They don’t have to be taken to an ‘appropriate wilderness area.”  Those are excuses.

Roxy is the second coyote sighting in Manhattan and enjoying her walks. A female coyote led cops on a 90-minute chase through Riverside Park Jan. 11, [hahahaha] and was caught and released. You don’t have to chase coyotes. They are sweet animals that will come to you if you don’t do any harm to them.

Please keep us posted. Thanks


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