Argentine newspaper: Putin behind the renaissance of Russia’s influence



Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin helped to restore Russia, as well as the former influence of the Kremlin amid the European crisis, Argentinian newspaper Infobae wrote. According to prominent Argentinian analyst and author Mariano Caucino, after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, for many years Russia seemed to have lost its privileged position as a global player. However, Russia’s geographical location, stockpile of nuclear arms and veto rights in the UN Security Council, as well as Moscow’s political, historical and energy influence point to the fact that the country is a world power.

The newspaper rhetorically asks who Vladimir Putin is: a hero who restored the superiority of Russia after the collapse of the USSR and national humiliation in the 1990s, or an “evil power” as Western media usually presents the Russian leader.

“Russia’s attitude to the area of its influence means that no one is allowed to intrude into the sphere of the country’s interests as it poses a threat to its sovereignty,” the Argentinian newspaper noted.

Russia cannot imagine itself in isolation from world politics, while having all necessary things to be engaged in world affairs. Unfortunately, over the last decade, the West has attempted to force Russia out of the position as a superpower, preferring China and India.

“These are the hidden reasons, which motivated the Russian leadership to proceed to action on the creation of a multi-polar world. Russia seeks to demonstrate to the international community an alternative way of political, cultural and spiritual development based on Eurasian values.”

According to Infobae, Moscow believes that the times of a uni-polar world should be left in the past, when the United States after the Cold War used to be the sole superpower.

“Due to its historical significance, enormous size and political will, Russia is destined to be a global player in the future. Historic injustices committed in the 1980s and 1990s need to be fixed,” Mariano Caucino wrote.

Moreover, the newspaper noted that the long-term interests of the West would be better protected if they complied with the principles of respect for its partner and mutually beneficial cooperation, taking into account its political and historical realities.

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