Syriza gives a masterful lesson in democracy to the world



unnamedb, 4 juillet 2015

De Daniel Vanhove

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Every citizen somewhat responsible and properly informed – implying sources other than the mainstream media and their programming stultifying – present times and future look bleak. Whether in the economic, social, environmental, cultural, security, educational, etc … And in the continuous flow of information that intersect and often collide, nothing more complicated than trying to sort out fact from false, to try to find out where is the world going and what our tomorrows will be made, and those of our children …

In these times of generalized terror – which owe nothing to chance but are carefully maintained by some who derive profits, even at the highest level [just remember the charade that has surrounded the Charlie-Hebdo events early in the year and the way in which power has recovered to get things done quickly, laws increasingly draconian] – about everything and often nothing is put the citizen and continuously maintained under stress, which paralyzes the and prevents it from having a clear reflection that can be developed with a certain retreat from the contingencies that beset on all sides.

By stopping there, one realizes that the situation in which we find ourselves is not based on any fatality, but rather is the result of decisions taken mostly by political powers. These powers more often in collusion with the world of industrial power, major media they largely control, high finance, the global oligarchy. The result is a general impoverishment of the political thing – which leads to bad decisions for the people in the majority of cases [take any subject, you will see] – the personal enrichment of the benefit of those who flock to access these privileged spheres where everything currency … When the current Minister of Economy E. Macron wanted to have in France many young people eager to become billionaires, he could complete his sentence and advise them a political career … except it is mostly at the expense of learning, of knowledge, of culture, competence, and it is this generalized impoverishment of the political world that has more other objective than to stay in power companies resulting in the impasse that we see today …

Worse, it seems a constant, whatever the country, the continent, the regime, culture, with few exceptions, but almost nobody is talking … Therefore, wherever the gaze falls, the responsibility of politicians in the world of drift is overwhelming!

In Europe today, the citizens attending stunned to severance in good standing of a country caught in the teeth of predators. The hydra called “Troika” (IMF-ECB-EU) has constantly maintain the Greek people’s head under water, while declaring itself ready to “resume dialogue and help (!) The country.” The hypocrisy and cynicism of the ruling class is at its peak. Deceitful communiqués addressed to the general public go in the diametrically opposite to the facts. Thus securities of that gutter press in recent days, using a tendentious vocabulary and dependents, A. Tsipras accused of “unsheathe the referendum weapon” … Who has “unsheathed” the first “weapon” of blackmail and ultimatum A. Tsipras has rightly emphasized the illegality in the eyes of the Rules and the European Treaties? Or the statements of various officials, such as that of J-Cl. Juncker President of the Commission, stating that the “NO” in the referendum “would mean that the Greeks say no to Europe”, while the government led by Syriza simply want another Europe than the one that puts people at the knees for benefit of a few, and which one also sees the failure down the line without even properly evaluate this creates deep fractures in populations put in permanent competition … Or that the German Minister Steinmeier accusing A. Tsipras to “take the Greek people hostage” … when the 1st Greek Minister did exactly the opposite, turning to his people, to be sure to always be the authorized representative. How long must we endure this authoritarianism which no longer represents the aspiration of all peoples in the European dream? How long will it take to accept being relegated to the sidelines by those who themselves do not stop to refill the word “democracy” they emptied of its essence? Those hope to keep us in fear to keep us from reacting, support the decisions of Syriza and its alternative to resist the diktats of the Troika iniquitous and its sycophants?

The times are serious. These behaviors political staff doubled media slobs actually endanger the very principles of a true democracy in which most of these satraps claim. But they trample without scruple. Has it not seen recently, Minister Valls 1 – gôôôche of it seems! – Ask for a moment of reflection in memory of Parliament Ch Pasqua proved mafia whose files were piled over the years, but has always come out of a Justice whose black holes when it’s known. ‘This political staff? And should reconsider the number of cases where the name behind Sarkozy … whimsical character, unscrupulous who, while drunk shame, dared to imagine before the voters by the shortcomings of a system that allows, while at least misstep, an elected mandate should be banned for life? And so on …

And this is probably what leads to excesses of growing we attend. The concerns of these people are no longer any doubt: they do not want in any case that the Greek case makes oil stain and spread to other European countries including Spain and the Podemos party soon. The challenges are of a different weight than the Greek case. Creditors must shudder deal with this eventuality. The banking system already shaking. And the crisis that would follow would be a nightmare worse than that of US subprime mortgages. Those are perhaps beginning to understand that people do not allow themselves to be manipulated by the nose and want to take back their right to look into the prospect of another Europe, which would deprive them of their shameless privileges. I noted recently absolutely indecent salary Lagarde. – Always Charged in different folders – patron of the IMF, paid it seems, according to his skills and high responsibilities. This did not prevent the leaders of the small Syriza party to take the IMF against the foot and surprised by their knowledge of the workings and texts of the sacred institution, these arrogant officials, by opposing two clauses rarely used ( see : ).

The “Greek case” For these financial raptors, a laboratory where it is to see how far we can put a kneeling people. And if it works, the formula will be applied to all European states. Why it is absolutely necessary that the Greek people follow those he brought to power by voting “NO” during Sunday’s referendum. And contrary to what some would have us believe, the Greek government gives the world a masterly lesson in democracy, reminding us in passing that it is the cause and does not intend to demean the meaning and empty the its contents as some technocrats employ it with great zeal …


Daniel Vanhove : Observateur civil. Auteur :

« Si vous détruisez nos maisons, vous ne détruirez pas nos âmes » – 2005 – Ed. M. Pietteur

« La Démocratie Mensonge » – 2008 – Ed. M. Pietteur

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