International complaint about the “lack of ethics” of the Spanish National Court’s forensic doctors

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Tuesday, 02 June 2015 16:14

Doctors Susana Etchegoyen and Mirta Fabre have informed today, June 2nd 2015, in Bilbao about the complaint registered in the World Medical Association on May 18th by a series of health professionals and human rights organizations of Argentina against the “serious lack of ethics” on the part of the forensic doctors of the Spanish National Court, which they accuse of covering-up cases of torture or cruel treatment for those detained for political motives. (Original article by Agustin Goikoetxea for – ES).

Mediku-ArgentinaIn an appearance at the College of Doctors in Bilbao, Susana Etchegoyen explained that their initiative is comes from the roots of the repeated complaints made by those arrested and prisoners, and after the Spanish state hasn’t modified their attitude in spite of seven condemnations by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and of the reports from the Committee Against Torture from the UN in the same sense. The well-known Argentine doctor and university professor has said she expects nothing less than a favourable pronouncement from the World Medical Association towards their initiative, estimating that it is proven that the forensic doctors of the special court are covering-up cruel and inhuman punishments, something that is expressly prohibited in the ethical code that regulates doctors around the world.

In their complaint, they contribute details of tortures suffered by Ainara Bakedano, Anabel Prieto, Beatriz Etxebarria, Sandra Barrenetxea, Gorka Lupiañez and Unai Romano. Etchegoyen has said that these are cases that are well documented and where it is proven that the forensic doctors denied the mistreatment when it occurred. She has considered it “very serious” that they don’t act to guarantee the fulfilment on the part of Spanish medical institutes and associations of the ethical norms concerning the most fundamental human rights and the respect for life.

The Argentinian doctor has added that in the Spanish state they avoid the conduct and duties of health professionals with these types of patients. In her opinion, it isn’t about an isolated practice and it would count on the support of the state itself, citing that there have been forensic doctors of the Spanish National Court whose conduct has been reproached by the ECHR and that they continue working at this court.

Also, she has taken advantage of her appearance to also denounce the “helplessness” of which their Basque colleagues find themselves who treat ill prisoners. She has mentioned that professional secrecy is violated when they impede consultations and the tests that the professionals and patients aren’t alone, obliging prison functionaries to assist at them. She also hasn’t forgotten that the examinations – she cited those of gynaecological nature – and treatments of prisoners who are handcuffed.

Etchegoyen has stressed that these actions constitute cruel punishments and treatment or degrading for the patients. In here speech she also mentioned the operation of the Spanish National Court against health professionals members of the Jaiki Hadi association, which tries put obstacles for medical treatment of Basque prisoners. Also she cited the extreme situation in which the prisoners Txus Martin, Aitzol Gogorza and Ibon Iparragirre find themselves in, for which they have demanded open prison for them in their homes. To this respect, she has assured that, in case of a fatal outcome, the Spanish authorities will be those responsible; although she has lamented the coverage that the EU gives to the Spanish state.

Spain’s Orwellian “Citizens Security Law” Gag

By Melissa Dykes
Global Research, August 29, 2015
Daily Sheeple 27 August 2015
Region: Europe
Theme: Police State & Civil Rights

750px-Flag_of_Spain.svg_-400x266If you think our First Amendment rights are being trampled here in America left and right, check out what’s going on in Spain.

This woman posted the following picture of a police car parked in a handicapped spot on her Facebook page with the caption “Park where you bloody well please and you won’t even be fined.”

Now, because of Spain’s Orwellian “Citizens Security Law” which went into effect July 1st, they have fined her €800 or nearly $900 USD simply for sharing the picture on social media. Police were reportedly able to track her down within 48 hours.

That’s because the so-called “Citizens Security Law,” which the people in Spain lovingly refer to as the “gagging law,” has a clause that says, “the unauthorised use of images of police officers that might jeopardise their or their family’s safety or that of protected facilities or police operations”. The fines for this can go up to an astounding €30,000 (nearly $33,700 USD).

Apparently sharing the fact that your local officer can take up a parking spot designated for a handicapped person, an act you would be heavily fined for, is not “legal” in Spain because it “endangers” that cop’s “personal safety.”

When the police were asked how the photo had put them at risk under the definition of the law, spokesman Fernando Portillo said, “the officers felt the woman had impugned their honour by posting the picture,” according to The Guardian. Portillo said police can park wherever they want when they are in an emergency, and the officer in the photo parked in the handicapped spot because someone had vandalized a nearby park.

If you think about this logically, it obviously makes no sense. The only way a picture like that would endanger that cop’s safety is if someone saw the photo and got mad enough to commit violence against the cop because he parked in a handicapped spot… in which case, it would actually be the cop endangering his own safety and making himself look bad by parking in a handicapped spot to begin with.

Then again, there’s really no point in trying to argue with an Orwellian police state. It’s not there to make sense. It’s there to control everyone. Completely.

Not that it’s even necessary, but to further prove this is simply all about keeping Spain’s citizens from speaking out against their police in a public forum, the first guy who got slapped with a fine under the law was someone who merely called his local police “a pack of slackers” on Facebook.

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