Song from a Basement sung by children holed up in basements without electricity and in many cases away from their loved ones.


How can the world ignore the many children killed by the Ukrainian Army? One baby not yet born was cut in half inside the mother’s womb.

Where is Amnesty International when is needed. Not a word about the killing of children or their isolation in basements.

Same goes for the Ukranian people.. I haven’t heard yet from any of them (except a courageous woman who denounced Kiev’s government in parliament) for all the children that have been killed in Donbas.

Those children who survived shelling are locked up in filthy basements, without lights, and away from their parents. And we are talking about CHILDREN for God’s sake!

Where are the leaders of the world? Where has their humanity gone?, Their support to human rights, while they back a KILLER monster as president of Ukraine?

The terrorists are the leaders of those countries that keep their mouth shot, afraid of becoming pariahs for not supporting the Empire that is destroying Ukraine.

And here I, Ainhoa Aristizabal, denounce Germany, the European Union gangsters, France, Italy and the Empire of Chaos for not denouncing the Kiev government fascists for killing the children of Donbass, and for isolating those still alive in filthy basements, away from their love ones.

I found this video in youtube, dedicated to all those who died at the hands of Ukrainian Nazis

Published on Jun 1, 2014

The Ukrainian army kills civilians in South East Ukraine, rape women, killing children, the elderly…

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