WHO’S telling TRUTH – OBAMA or PUTIN – WILL there be WW3 (Videos) Posted on February 24, 2015



Let me preface these two videos with some thoughts:

1) Two months ago, do you think you would have heard Lavrov at the UN yesterday make this statement? 

2) At the end of the first video, Obama says the entire UN is behind him, but are they still? Were they behind him ‘then’ simply because they were heavily pressured?

And finally, we are being hit from all sides with negative information about Putin, but I question how much of it is true, and/or being manipulated. How much is depending on our lack of being informed? Russian today, for instance, is no longer the Russia of the Cold War era, but we are never told this — and what this means is never explained to us.

Since we can’t be sure about who is speaking truth, how then are we to decide? I suggest if we have clarity – and this comes to each of us individually when we remove our own personal stuff/traumas, we will have a clear path to our heart, which will never lie to us. Never! This process will give each of us our answer!

Let me share also my belief that ‘talk’ therapy will never resolve our problems. Intellectual understanding is not the answer. Each of us must have the help of some capable outsider to deal with the emotional hurts and wounds of our childhood so that we no longer react to them, so that we are no longer a victim of them. Most of us were left on our own to deal with them, but we were children, and we didn’t have the tools or the wisdom and knowledge that we can attain in adulthood to view these situations very differently. We were children, often dependent for our lives on those who hurt us. The energy of emotional wounds is lodged in our physical bodies, and we need to release it — it causes disease —  and move on. Drugs will numb us, but they will also disconnect us from our inner guidance system. Intellectual understanding simply will not cut it! Healing takes place when one person is willing to free and empower another with their help and insight. What I am saying plainly here is that healing cannot be done alone. Human beings are designed to live in relationship with one another, but always remember that we should strive for a healthy, wholesome relationship that includes respect and a willingness to admit our mistakes and to forgive – but at the same time not become someone who turns the other cheek!

If you are afraid to put yourself in the hands of another, that just indicates how much you have been disempowered! Remember, if someone does something you can’t agree with, you have the right to say, “No!” You have a right to question them. You have the right to walk away. It is not up to them to ‘tell’ you, but up to them to offer ideas and suggestions for your personal consideration! If someone can’t do that, then walk away! Walk. away!

My personal experience with Neil Keenan was very necessary in clearing the pathway to my heart. While Neil Keenan said all the right things — he is apparently a master at that, the other messages were still there, and because of the sexual abuse (he also tried to strangle me) I suffered at the hands of my father, I simply couldn’t hear them. Unfortunately, I have been forced to go through this part of my healing process in a very public way — and I think, somehow, there is a reason for this, so I want you all to know that I had help all along the way to reach an understanding of the emotional dynamics of my personal situation. I am left now with a clarity that I find absolutely amazing. I know what I believe is truth about President Putin, but it is up to each one of us to decide — and why rush to a decision right now? Is it necessary?  Why also should we want to shirk the journey that brings us clarity? When we are able finally to decide for ourselves, we have reached a very, very positive place!

I take every chance I can to observe Putin . . .in the flesh, so if you happen to feel this way I offer these interesting videos to you. Listen to the sound of his voice, its vibrations, watch his face and demeanor, how he handles the very tough questions. Does he try to blame? Does he says terrible things about the United States, or does he speak about his own truth, and so on . . . ~J

WHO’S telling TRUTH – OBAMA or PUTIN – WILL there be WW3

Published on Aug 16, 2014

. . . and check this one out!


Published on Jun 12, 2013

Vladimir Putin speaks to RT while visiting the channel in the capital. Various themes were discussed during the interview: Syria, Iran, data surveillance, drones and others.
Transcript of the interview here http://on.rt.com/aho27g

WHO’S telling TRUTH – OBAMA or PUTIN – WILL there be WW3



Putin talks NSA, Syria, Iran, drones in exclusive RT interview (FULL VIDEO)

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