NASA 2016 Look Ahead

The work NASA does, and will continue in 2016, helps the United States maintain its world leadership in space exploration and scientific discovery. The agency will continue investing in its journey to Mars, returning human spaceflight launches from American soil, fostering groundbreaking technology development, breakthroughs in aeronautics and bringing to every American the awe-inspiring discoveries and images captured by NASA’s missions in our solar system and beyond. For more about NASA’s missions, research and discoveries, visit:

NASA | Moon Phases 2016, Southern Hemisphere – 4K

Celestial Lightsabers: The Stellar Jets of HH 24


This 4K visualization shows the Moon’s phase and libration at hourly intervals throughout 2016, as viewed from the southern hemisphere. Each frame represents one hour. In addition, this visualization shows the Moon’s orbit position, sub-Earth and subsolar points, distance from the Earth at true scale, and labels of craters near the terminator. To learn more about this visualization, or to see what the Moon will look like at any hour in 2016, visit our “Dial A-Moon” website: Like our videos? Subscribe to NASA’s Goddard Shorts HD podcast: Or find NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Facebook:

New Horizons’ Best View of Pluto’s Craters, Mountains and Icy Plains



This movie is composed of the sharpest views of Pluto that NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft obtained during its flyby on July 14, 2015. The pictures are part of a sequence taken near New Horizons’ closest approach to Pluto, with resolutions of about 250-280 feet (77-85 meters) per pixel – revealing features smaller than half a city block on Pluto’s diverse surface. The images include a wide variety of cratered, mountainous and glacial terrains – giving scientists and the public alike a super-high resolution view of Pluto’s complexity. Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI

Top Views by Country for 30 days ending 2016-01-13


United States FlagUnited States
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom
France FlagFrance
Canada FlagCanada
Germany FlagGermany
Australia FlagAustralia
Spain FlagSpain
Sweden FlagSweden
Japan FlagJapan
Italy FlagItaly
Russia FlagRussia
Netherlands FlagNetherlands
India FlagIndia
Brazil FlagBrazil
Argentina FlagArgentina
Poland FlagPoland
Greece FlagGreece
Portugal FlagPortugal
Norway FlagNorway
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland
Indonesia FlagIndonesia
Denmark FlagDenmark
Mexico FlagMexico
Turkey FlagTurkey
Philippines FlagPhilippines
Ireland FlagIreland
Ukraine FlagUkraine
Thailand FlagThailand
Belgium FlagBelgium
Chile FlagChile
Croatia FlagCroatia
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia
Bulgaria FlagBulgaria
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates
Hungary FlagHungary
South Africa FlagSouth Africa
European Union FlagEuropean Union
China FlagChina
Colombia FlagColombia
Singapore FlagSingapore
Romania FlagRomania
Uruguay FlagUruguay
Peru FlagPeru
South Korea FlagSouth Korea
Finland FlagFinland
Austria FlagAustria
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic
Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg
Malaysia FlagMalaysia
Morocco FlagMorocco
Uganda FlagUganda
Slovakia FlagSlovakia
Estonia FlagEstonia
Ecuador FlagEcuador
Kenya FlagKenya
Pakistan FlagPakistan
Slovenia FlagSlovenia
Hong Kong SAR China FlagHong Kong SAR China
Barbados FlagBarbados
St. Lucia FlagSt. Lucia
Macedonia FlagMacedonia
Mongolia FlagMongolia
Lebanon FlagLebanon
Vietnam FlagVietnam
Albania FlagAlbania
Monaco FlagMonaco
Côte d’Ivoire FlagCôte d’Ivoire
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka
Armenia FlagArmenia
Latvia FlagLatvia
Serbia FlagSerbia
Nigeria FlagNigeria
Réunion FlagRéunion
Egypt FlagEgypt
Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan
Kuwait FlagKuwait
Iraq FlagIraq

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