Blast From the Past: Moscow Winter historic photos


By Sputnik

The exhibition is held at the Muzeon art park, in Moscow, from January 11 until February 7 and admission is free.

“Between the Pipes” by Vladimir Bogdanov, 1973.

It is a law of nature – in many parts of Russia winter lasts for three-five months and even longer. Every year people wait for this miraculous time of the year and they are thrilled to bits when the first snow falls. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow presents an exhibition of historic winter pictures of Moscow in Museon Art Park.

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1033416122Russia4 1033416216Russia5 1033416429Russia6 1033416516Russia7 1033416646Russiachildren 1033416865Russia9 1033416967Russia10 RussiaDoggie 1033415659

Russia_girl RussiaDoggie 1033416967Russia10 1033416865Russia9 1033416646Russiachildren 1033416516Russia7 1033416429Russia6 1033416216Russia5 1033416122Russia4 1033416036Russia3 1033415945Russia2 1033415787Russia1

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