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From Plato to Rousseau, to John Locke, and to our contemporary Francis Fukuyama, political theorists have attempted to look back to find he agents of change of civilization. In the Revolt of the Masses, Jose Ortega y Gasset focuses on the phenomenon of the mass-man as the source of the changes –for ill or good– in the European and American societies.

One of the most important books of our era. by Jose Ortega y Gasset (Author)

Read this book. If you don’t walk away with a deeper and broader understanding of our modern condition, I’ll eat my hat. Gasset wasn’t a class warrior or an elitist. He was a keen observer of humanity and the times. He shows us that what divides us is our willingness to challenge ourselves to be better. Our conception of self as either mass (think Sarah Palin) or specially qualified divides us, and tha mass have taken over. America’s love affair with “everyday Americans” is the rot in the foundation of society. Read this book to find the inspiration to become exceptional, and the humility to follow those who already are

Essential for an understanding of our times and the events of the twentieth century leading up to it

The little known book gives by far the most clear and thought provoking explanation for the social phenomena of our times, and the events in the twentieth century which informs and underpins these events. The arguments presented are based on the following observation: The “masses” are in revolt. By the “masses” are understood to be those people who in their own eyes have no special quality or qualification which singles them out. The “revolt” which Ortega speaks of is not a primarily political one, but a revolt against the very destiny of the mass man. This revolt is seen in the way in which the masses occupy the spaces and institutions of civilization, created for minorities by minorities. The mass man enjoys all the benefits of civilization, without giving a thought as to the enormous effort that went into obtaining these benefits, considering the marvels of civilization as a mere product of nature, like the air he breaths.

The consequences of this new mass man and his revolt is investigated in several different settings, including politics and science.

As Niall Ferguson recenlty said of some choice passages in “Wealth of Nations” regarding the ‘stationary state’, ‘I defy the Western reader not to feel an uneasy sense of recognition in contemplating [this book]’. It is amazing how much of what Gasset observed in 1930 is still true today, if not even more so.


Video: Hillary Clinton in Black History. African Americans Should Think Twice Before Voting for Hillary…

Hillary Clinton in Black History


A summary of Hillary Clinton’s role in the recent history of African Americans.

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A summary of Hillary Clinton’s role in the recent history of African Americans.

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Lie-la-lie… Lie-la-lie… Lie-la-lie…

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.


Hillary and the True Beast She Is.

Midnight in Damascus



Imagine you are part of a hardcore, heavily weaponized Islamist outfit in Syria.

You would have had until noon this Friday to contact the US and/or Russia military and win a prize; be part of a “cessation of hostilities,” ersatz “ceasefire” that does not apply to ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra, a.k.a. al-Qaeda in Syria, as well as assorted remnants of the former Free Syrian Army (FSA) who are for all practical purposes embedded with al-Nusra.Compounding the drama, as background noise you have US Secretary of State John Kerry bluffing that Plan B is the partition of Syria anyway. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov once again had to call for order in the court.

So what do you do? You’re a Washington-approved “moderate rebel”. So you re-label yourself as FSA. Will you fool the task force set up by the US and Russia — hotline included — to monitor the “ceasefire”? Well, at least you’ve got a shot. The “ceasefire” mostly applies to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), unspecified “moderate rebels” and the Syrian Kurds. Everyone must de-weaponize by midnight this Friday.

If you’ve skipped the deadline, you may be in serious trouble. Because for the Russians, that qualifies you as an ally of Salafi-jihadis. You will be bombed to smithereens. And there’s nothing Uncle Sam can do to save you.

This positively Dadaist development is what passes for a road map to peace in Syria — even though odds are on Washington and Moscow will be seeing red on virtually every noon and cranny of it.

What this might spell out though goes way beyond Syria; it’s all about the White House, the Pentagon and NATO’s spectacular demise as exceptionalist arbiters and executioners — using Shock and Awe, R2P (responsibility to protect) or straight-up regime change — of geopolitical tangles.

Or is it?

Position of Syrian army at village of Salma and city of Zabadani
© Sputnik/ Michael Alaeddin

A hefty case can be made whether the “ceasefire” benefits Damascus and Moscow — considering the “4+1” (Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq plus Hezbollah) has been heavily on the offense. The “ceasefire” may certainly benefit Washington if the hidden agenda — to re-weaponize gaggles of “moderate rebels” — still applies. After all Pentagon supremo Ash “Empire of Whining” Carter, Marine General Joseph Dunford and CIA Director John Brennan are terminal Russophobes who will never admit defeat.The vague terms of the “cessation of hostilities” do not explicity specify that Washington, London and other members of the US-led-from-behind “coalition” should stop bombing Syrian territory. And there’s nothing about suicide bombs and chemical weapons routinely used by any outfit, from ISIS/ISIL/Daesh to “moderate rebels”, against the civilian Syrian population.

So there’s got to be some heavy-duty horse-trading between Washington and Moscow behind all the shadowplay. And none of it has leaked, at least not yet.

Daddy Stole My Invasion

Meanwhile, the much-ballyhooed joint invasion of Syria by Turkey and Saudi Arabia is not going to happen because His Masters’ Voice vetoed it — as Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was forced to explain. He essentially admitted that the invasion would need the agreement of all members of the US-led-from-behind coalition fighting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Unfortunately, they are scared to death of being decimated by the Russian Air Force. So they might as well cozily revert to the “cessation of hostilities” charade.

On what really counts — the Syrian theatre of war — the most pressing issue is whether the SAA will finally be able to control Aleppo and environs, continue to rule in Latakia, and manage to configure Idlib as a Saudi remote-controlled Army of Conquest enclave cut off from almost all sides and depending solely on Ankara, which for its part won’t dare a face-to-face with the Russian Air Force.

It’s no wonder Turkey’s Sultan Erdogan fears this ceasefire business like the plague. Because he’s got nothing; at best a vague promise, extorted by Team Obama, that Syrian Kurds won’t keep advancing to smash either ISIS/ISIL/Daesh along the border, or pockets of al-Qaeda in Syria.In return, Ankara shall desist from its Syrian invasion and that dream of a 10 km “safe zone” inside Syrian territory to keep away the Kurds and facilitate the re-weaponizing of its Islamist proxies. Ankara’s favorite Jabhat al-Nusra, by the way, remains active north of Aleppo, and in the Turkmen regions of Latakia and Azaz (in the Turkish-Syrian border).

What Team Obama seems to have finally understood — and “seems” is the operative word — is that neither ISIS/ISIL/Daesh nor al-Nusra could ever “unify” Syria; assuming 60% of Syria’s population is Sunni, what matters is that over half are secular and do support Damascus against all those Turk/Saudi-supported Salafi-jihadi crazies.

Will this all be enough to assure the success of the “cessation of hostilities” charade? Hardly. Keep calm and carry on (watching). Plan B remains Return of the Living Dead material.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do notnecessarily reflect the official position of UNRULY HEARTS.


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