A popular theme on Planet Clinton is that poor Madame Clinton (who plays well the “victim”) is always in moral danger of being undone by her once charming cad of a hubby. “She can’t control him” is how insiders express their fear that Bubba will have a bimbo eruption and crash the coronation.  On a long list of possibilities, that scenario must be included. But my reading of the Clinton Chronicles points to a much bigger threat to the restoration of the Clinton monarchy.  That would be the stumbling performance of the lady herself.

The Clinton’s foundation accepted millions of dollars from foreign governments. At least one “gift” , $500,000, from Algeria violated loose ethics rules drawn up by the Obama administration.

Corporate giving included General Electric, Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, and Boeing were among 60 companies that lobbied the State Department.




The FBI probe of Madame Hillary Clinton took a major step forward with news  that the guy who ran her illicit home-brew e-mail has been granted immunity. Clinton aid  Bryan Pagliano had invoked  his Fifth Amendment rights in refusing to testify or cooperate with investigators.

A tech with with the 2008 Clinton campaign, he got hired for related duties  when she took over a State —  then won the nearly $140,000 a year side job of setting up and maintaining her private e-mail system.

Former top-notch federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy says the grant of immunity strongly suggests that either a grand jury has already been empaneled to consider charges  in this case –or that the feds expect to empanel one soon.

So much for Clinton’s claim that this is a perfunctory investigation in which she has nothing to fear criminally.

Sorry Madame Secretary, the FBI doesn’t “perfunctorily” grant immunity. And the probe apparently in the hands of career national-security prosecutors, including  one from the team that wona guilty plea from former CIA chief Gen. David Pretaeus.  You begin to see why Madame Clinton has refused to hold a press conference for three months now.

It’s not just Clintonat risk here: Top aides such as Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills were also clearly involved in the improper handling of the nation’s secrets. Indeed, the FBI’s reportedly looking into whether  aides traded passwords to illegally move info from classified servers to the private system.

We already know that more than 2,000 Clinton e-mails contained classified information, including dozens with the most confidential stuff. At issue is who’ll  take the fall to for improper handling of the secrets.

Be glad that the FBI’s on the case. The State Department has announced that its investigation won’t wrap up ’til after election day [of course, we know Madame Clinton is protected by Obama , and that this scandal will be his legacy to the country he and Madame Clinton say they love.

Clearly, Clinton still has powerful fans at Foggy Bottom. But how many does she have at the Justice Department?

President Obama has publicly claimed there’s no scandal here (but cover-up like in Benghazi?) a signal of where Obama wants the FBI investigation to lead. If the nonpolitical attorneys move to file charges anyway, do they get quashed?  If so, how many will resign in public protest?

We’d like to think the legal system could honestly resolve the case — but it’s most likely to come down to politics.

Hillary Clinton must be charged for crimes against America. She is the real racist in this election (Hillary’s Race Game). She blames the current high levels of black crime, unemployment and out-of-wedlock birth on white America.In doing so, Clinton dehumanizes African-Americans. To her, they are simplyvictims unable to think or get ahead on their own,and thus dependent on Democrats and the burgeoning welfare state for sustenance.

Black voters should reject Hillary Clinton’s sad pandering and instead seek leaders who’ll help them stand on their own two feet.  McCaughey’s piece is a shocking simplificationof the state of race relations and America’s history as a whole.

How many black neighbors live next to her in Chappaqua?  How much she has donated to charities to blacks?

It’s too bad that many in the black community can’t see through her hypocrisy and understand that she’s just using them to further her own ends.

Clinton’s constant grandstanding and pontification to capture the black vote makes her untrustworthy at best.

Posted by Ainhoa Aristizabal

Publisher and Editor of Unruly Heights



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