Sanders Leading in Wisconsin PPP Poll, Winning Black Voters by Over 10% YEAH!

Bernie Sanders for President!

Bernie Sanders for President!

Thursday Mar 31, 2016 · 12:35 PM EST

A common criticism of Bernie Sanders’ campaign is that he “can’t appeal to anyone but young, white men.” Despite the fact that he won Latino voters in Nevada and did well with them in Illinois, and that he got 35% of the Black vote in Michigan, Clinton fans still like to cling to the fantasy that Bernie fans are all white. For the record, I’m a first-generation Iranian-American male.

Nate Silver now has Bernie with a 57% chance to win Wisconsin, a huge swing from the over 80% chance Hillary had to win just a few days ago. This is based on two polls that show Bernie with decently-sized leads in the state, with just a few days to go before Wisconsinites hit the polls on April 5th.

The latest of these two, a poll by PPP has Sanders leading 49% to 43%.

However, the key part of this poll that nobody has noticed is that Bernie is actually leading with Black voters in the state, earning 51% of their vote to 40% for Hillary Clinton.

Looks like April 5th will be an interesting night.

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