Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a surprisingly competitive battle for New York, with a poll on Thursday showing that the Vermont senator has closed to within 12 points of the former first lady  — who only recentlyled 48 in her adopted home state.

The Quinipiac University poll shows Clinton leading 54 to 42 percent heading into the New York primary on April 19, when 291 delegates are at stake.

Clinton is running strong with women[?] and African American voters but white voters are split. — 48 percent fon Clinton, 47 for Sanders.

Democratic analyst Douglas Schoen said the close-than-expected results mirror a national trend.

Sanders, he said, is connecting with the liberal progressive voters of which there are many in New York. Bernie is also riding momentum from a wave of victories in Western states.

The march in NYC yesterday united more than 4,000 people supporting Bernie Sanders.


Bill Clinton delivered four rambling speeches to labor unions across the city Thursday in support of his wife’s presidential bid.

In one wordy riff at District 37 in Tribeca, Clinton, 69, spoke vaguely of the country facing the darkness before the dawn, while urging support for Mrs. Clinton.

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