CUNY VIDEO: Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship in NY Initiative





Published on Mar 21, 2016

Cornell Tech, The City University of New York (CUNY), and founding partner Verizon Communications have announced a new tech education initiative targeting young women in the undergraduate and graduate school pipeline that aims to increase the number of women working in technology.

Cuomo should consider all of CUNY’s needs moving forward.

By The Ticker Editorial Board – 80th anniversary, Baruch College

The City College of New York announced that the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education would be expanding into the CUNY School of Medicine. The medical school, which would be the first of its kind in the entire 170-year history of the public university system, would be the latest addition to its ensemble of affordable higher education.

Located in Harlem, the CUNY School of Medicine will open its doors with an enrollment number of 70 and will be in direct partnership with the Saint Barnabas Health System.

Speaking in regards to the opening of the school, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that “This action increases employment, research and learning opportunities for students and faculty. This new school is another step toward making medical care more accessible for all.”

CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken also lent his thoughts on the recent accreditation, saying, “The new medical school is a logical and necessary expansion of the college’s prestigious 40-year old biomedical program.”

Both men certainly are right in regards to this being a logical step for CUNY. With CUNY consisting of 24 institutions—each with a variety of different available courses and majors—one would be surprised to find out that not a single one of those schools would be a true medical school.

And with tuition at the new school set to be at the low price CUNY students are used to, it is safe to say that the new university can bring some much needed lifeblood to New York City’s ever hungry medical field.

While the governor is certainly on the right track with the CUNY School of Medicine, it would be nice if he paid attention to other aspects of the university system, like how CUNY employees have been without contracts since 2010.

The governor has demanded that the universities themselves foot the bill for any wage increase that their employees receive. Such a move would drastically hurt CUNY’s budget, and it would be the students left in the wake of such an action. With more tuition raises likely to come in the future, it will soon be hard to justify lauding CUNY for its affordability.

If Cuomo truly believes that this new university will serve to be beneficial in increasing opportunities for students, then it is imperative that the state plays a much bigger role in its funding  of the university system. It is hard to believe that the governor thinks expanding the university while simultaneously neglecting educators is a good idea.


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