Thousands gather at Prospect Park for largest Bernie Sanders rally

Campaign Video: Walk with Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn. Brooklyn headquarters: Gowanus office is ‘heart and soul’ of New York operations

Elections: Bernie Sanders’ Brooklyn headquarters: Gowanus office is ‘heart and soul’ of New York operations

By Jamie Reysen April 9, 2016

Bernie Sanders is “campaigning like a Brooklynite” right here in New York City.

Last month, the Sanders campaign opened its New York state headquarters on Eighth Street in Gowanus. amNewYork stopped by on Saturday for a tour of the office, where we spoke with national press secretary Symone Sanders (no relation) about the campaign, the presidential hopeful and the way his Brooklyn upbringing has shaped his politics.

The unassuming headquarters are marked by a few “Bernie 2016” posters and banners on the gate and building’s exterior.

Inside, more than a dozen people worked on laptops, surrounded by campaign art and newspaper clippings – including two amNewYork covers – that are posted on the walls. Bagels aplenty, Temp Tee cream cheese, Skittles and Twizzlers were among the snacks up for grabs for hungry volunteers, many of whom spend most of their time canvassing in New York’s streets, Symone Sanders said.

Bernie Sanders, Mark Ruffalo talk Democratic candidate’s Brooklyn roots in campaign video

By Nicole Brown April 18, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Monday released a campaign video that highlights his childhood in Brooklyn.

Sanders is interviewed by actor Mark Ruffalo as they walk through the Brooklyn College campus, where Sanders attended for a year before going to the University of Chicago.

“How much did it cost you to go to school here,” Ruffalo asks Sanders. “Much cheaper than it is today?”

“I would say that is an understatement,” Sanders says. “It is not a radical idea” to have free tuition at public colleges and universities he adds, speaking about one of his main policy proposals.

The video shows old photos of Sanders and his parents, shots of the apartment building he lived in on East 26th Street in Midwood, Brooklyn, as well as shots of Sanders’ high school, James Madison High School.

Sanders says when he was growing up, his life revolved around “playing ball” outside with other kids without any adult supervision.

“We made up our own games and we worked these things out ourselves,” he says in the video. “I learned a lot about democracy in the school yards of Brooklyn, New York.”

Ruffalo, who spoke at Sanders’ rally on April 8 outside his childhood home, speaks highly of the senator’s participation in the Civil Rights movement and about his time as mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

“Because of your legacy, Burlington is now the first American city to run 100 percent on renewable energy,” he says. “People — they just — they don’t know this.”

The video had been viewed more than 8,500 times as of Monday afternoon.

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