Sanders and Kasich Should Ignore Any Pressure to Quit – By THE EDITORIAL BOARD – APRIL 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders on Tuesday in Erie, Pa. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

By the Editorial Board of The New York Times- April 18, 2016

New York’s primary has rarely been more than a footnote in presidential history. But on Tuesday that all changed. Donald Trump won his home state by a substantial margin, while Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders, son of Brooklyn.

A prediction: The minute the results are final, Republican stalwarts will crank up the volume on calls for Gov. John Kasich to leave the race. He should ignore them. Mr. Sanders also has no reason to give up his fight.

Mr. Trump and Ted Cruz both want Mr. Kasich out of the competition. Mr. Trump figures that if it’s a two-person race, he’s more likely to start winning more contests with an actual majority of votes.

Mr. Cruz knows it is now nearly impossible for him to win the nomination outright, particularly with Mr. Kasich still around. So the thoroughly unlikable Texan, who has proved he will do or say nearly anything to win, has been raising weak ballot challenges aimed at disqualifying Mr. Kasich from various state contests, and fanning rumors that Mr. Kasich is angling to be a Trump vice president. The Kasich camp denies this.

Mr. Kasich is not an exciting candidate, or even a political moderate. But he is the most sane-sounding individual in the Republican field, and has been from the start. Unlike his rivals, he’s shown a willingness to play by the rules. His presence in the race offers moderate Republicans a palatable alternative in the primaries and caucuses, and also if there is a real fight at the convention.

Mr. Sanders has always stood more for a vision than for reality, especially with a Republican-led Congress. As he and Mrs. Clinton tore into each other in last week’s debate in Brooklyn, some Democrats worried that the nasty fracas would hurt the party. Others want Mr. Sanders to get out and let Mrs. Clinton focus on the Trump threat.

Posted by Ainhoa Aristizabal — Unruly Hearts editor

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