No connection with RT contributor after interrogation by Kiev forces

RT contributing journalist Graham Phillips said he has been detained by the National Guard at a check point in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine. Following his phone call RT lost connection with the British journalist while UK said ready to provide assistance.
Ukraine turmoil
Ukraine, Clashes

RT has lost connection with the it’s contributing journalist Graham Phillips who was detained at a check point in Mariupol earlier on Tuesday.

A source familiar with the incident said that the National Guard was reportedly ready to release Phillips on condition that he deletes all the footage he recorded near the roadblock. After the journalist refused to do so, his captors called Ukrainian Security Service who then confiscated his photo and video recording equipment and decided to send him to Kiev, the source said.

“Our stringer Graham Phillips was arrested at a checkpoint by people who, according to him, when we last spoke, introduced themselves as the National Guard and asked for his papers. After this, the connection with the journalist was lost, we still cannot get in touch with Graham, we are extremely worried what could happen to him. It is even more worrying after the events, which, as we all saw happened to the LifeNews TV correspondents” said Alexey Kuznetsov, deputy head of RT’s English department.


@GrahamWP_UK and his friend/cameraman/driver Misha were detained, questioned, Misha was released, Graham is most likely taken to Kiev

— Irina Galushko (@IrinaGalushkoRT) May 20, 2014

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