By Ainhoa Aristizabal

I wont write about the Clinton’s emails and what she did with them. This was the job of the FBI and not of those who followed Clinton and knew she was lying (The best thing she can do)

James Comey advised against charges only after he painted a devastating picture of how Clinton recklessly broke the law and the damage she likely caused.

Comey added to Americans distrust of their “rigged” political system. and left the issue to further divide and dominate this year presidential race.

But this is not what Americans were waiting for after the FBI “investigation”. Americans were waiting for James Comey to tell them if the storing or transmitting classified information was a felony whether done intentionally or in a grossly negligent way.

But Comey came with the story that Clinton “apparently” did just that. But wait, this gets better:

“Clinton and her aides were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information – even if they may have not “intended”.  Comey said they found”hostile actors” (read foreign enemies) “gained access” to e-mail accounts Clinton had contact with – and possibly even to Clinton’s own personal e-mail account.

The Fix in was planned long time ago. We were aware that Barack Obama wanted Hillary Clinton in the White House – again. This is how the Fix in was born. First Obama gave Loretta Lynch the opportunity to be the attorney general. But there is no free lunch. And she couldn’t refuse the sneaks in the plane waiting for Bill Clinton to talk about his “grandchildren and trips”, which Loretta Lynch graciously welcome.

The most affected by this meeting will be Lynch and Comey, with a good reputation, who might lose their jobs if the Fix in doesn’t work.

But Americans can still seek justice on their own:- at the voting booth.

I believe this whole affair was A FIX IN: and Mrs Clinton’s is still on the Hook..








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