‘Bribe,’ ‘murder’ and the ‘rigged’ system: How Trump describes Hillary Clinton’s email case

‘Bribe,’ ‘murder’ and the ‘rigged’ system: How Trump describes Hillary Clinton’s email case

July 6

What Trump said after the FBI ruled on Clinton’s emails


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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was cleared of wrongdoing by the FBI into her email practices while at the State Department. Republican foe Donald Trump took aim at Clinton at a rally July 5. Here’s what he said.
(Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)

Donald Trump’s rhetorical arsenal is full of pejorative labels for Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state and the ensuing criminal investigation over the matter. On Twitter, 140 characters at a time, in speeches guided by teleprompters and riffing at rallies, Trump has advanced blistering attacks and lobbed fierce accusations the likes of which have not been seen in modern political warfare.

Whether what many see as his over-the-top strikes will hinder the GOP’s desire to wage a substantive assault on Clinton’s record or amplify it will be decided on Election Day. For now, here’s a look at some of the language Trump has used:

1. “It’s a bribe!” 

At a rally in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday night, Trump suggested that Clinton was bribing Attorney General Loretta Lynch to let her off easy. How? With the prospect of keeping her onboard after President Obama leaves office. Trump said he had heard on television that Clinton was floating the possibility. She has never done so publicly. The New York Times reported that Democrats close to Clinton said she might opt to to keep Lynch at the top of the Justice Department. That was apparently enough for Trump to cry foul.

2. “Get away with murder.”

On Twitter early Wednesday morning, Trump appeared to argue that the FBI’s decision not to charge Clinton in the email case was like getting away with “murder.”

3. The “rigged” system.

One of Trump’s favorite talking points has been his insistence that the system is “rigged.” He applied it to the Republican nominating process, decrying the arcane process of wooing delegates that favored opponents with more political experience and knowledge. He has also used it to explain why Clinton was not charged:

4. Bill Clinton and “Pandora’s Box.”

During a speech in Denver last week, Trump argued that Bill Clinton’s recent meeting with Lynch at a Phoenix airport was not just a chance encounter-turned-social call in which the discussion revolved around family and golf.

“Oh, just a coincidence,” Trump said sarcastically. “He just happened to be at the airport at this time — think of it. Just happened to be at the airport.”

Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being “so guilty,” and he speculated that Bill Clinton and Lynch may have discussed the email case. Lynch has said they did not discuss any cases.

“He opened up a Pandora’s Box,” Trump said of the former president.

5. “Guilty as hell.”

In one Fourth of July tweet, Trump combined this attack with two others — “rigged” and “corrupt.”

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